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August 2009
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And for my first trick…

…Er, post…I will talk about the purpose of this blog! I think that blogs should have a purpose, and I feel like I should talk a bit about myself before diving right in. The purpose of this blog is, of course, to talk about nail polish! I am so obsessed with nail polish (nailpolish? I should decide that before going any further with this) lately. I’ve sort of always been into polish, but lately it’s progressed into a full-blown obsession: I discovered higher end polishes. Da da DUM!

Previously my nail polish collection pretty much consisted of drugstore polishes. I had a ton of them, but it was your basic drugstore selection of mauves, taupes, reds, and pinks. Now, I’m not turning my nose up at Sally Hansen or anything, but I stumbled upon a nail polish blog recently and was astounded that nail polish was such a…thing!

That there are so many colors! I walked into a Sally’s recently and was dumbfounded at the enormous selection of colors. Yellows and greens and purples, oh my!

That there are actually polish collections, just like with clothes! There are discontinued polishes, and themes, and funny names…

That there are different finishes (what is the difference between a shimmer and a frost? I have no idea, yet, but I aim to find out)!

That Konad systems exist. Stamping patterns on my nails? Sign me up!

That “wearing nail polish” doesn’t consist of walking into a CVS, picking out a pretty pink, applying two coats, and noticing the next day that it’s chipping like crazy. I’ve bought some Seche Vite, and I do believe I’m in love.

Then I learned about frankening. I love to make things! Making…my own colors? Working…with glitter and pigments?? THAT IS SO EXCITING!! I wish I was exaggerating here, but I’m a huge dork.

And thus began this current phase of my obsession.

Omigosh, I do ramble on. Short verison: blog, purpose, polish, colors, frankens, obsession. Done!

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