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August 2009
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Frankening: In The Beginning

Today my empty polish bottles arrived in the mail (along with my new Color Club polishes), and I also went out and bought a bunch of other stuff for frankening.
from ebay

from ebay

I’m dying to find smaller bottles for this, but I can’t find them anywhere. I think 1/2 ounce bottles are just too big, since I’ve never in my life finished a bottle of nailpolish. Not to mention that I will probably screw up and make some that are completely crappy. I’d love to get 1/4 ounce bottles, but I just can’t find them anywhere! I did find some 1/8 ounce bottles, but those…I think are just too small, plus the one site I found them on looked slightly shady.

So, the stuff I bought just for frankening:

verrrry cheap polishes to start out with

verrrry cheap polishes

I figured I’d get some $1 polishes to start out with and see how it goes. The three on the bottom I got just cause I liked them! Also, some supplies:

other people can franken with stuff they have on hand...why not me???

BBs for mixing, set of glitter tools (funnels, brush, tiny scoop, mixing...knife), mixing palette, more tiny funnels (i forgot the first set included funnels!).

I found a ton of other types of glitters that I’d like to try, but I read a post on one of the nail blogs I read, that warned about using toxic pigments and stuff in frankens. I don’t remember which blog it was but it involved cadmium making your bones dissolve, so now I’m all freaked out about toxic ingredients. Cadmium is like an artist paint ingredient I think, so I assume any glitters are probably fine, but some of them were making me suspicious because they didn’t specifically say that they were non-toxic. Some even just said “Don’t ingest.”

Geez, glitter is going to be covering everything I own.

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