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August 2009
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Good Girl Gone Red

My inspiration for this one was Lippmann’s Good Girl Gone Bad, and although it ended up not even being close, I’m still pretty happy with it.

Good Girl Gone Red

Good Girl Gone Red

This is, like…what Lubu Heels should’ve been. It actually matches the Lubu Heels bottle fairly closely, but I’m sure that anyone reading this blog would know that Lubu heels looks like a dark red glitter in the bottle, but ends up being red glitter in an almost black base on your nails. Lame!


Ruby Pumps on the left, Lubu Heels on the right

I got Lubu Heels in the second batch of non-drugstore polishes I ever purchased, and I was pretty disappointed with it. I’ve only worn it on my toes so far, though, and I think that because toes are so far away from everyone’s eyes the sparkles end up being almost invisible in that dark, dark base! I’ll probably try  it on my nails one of these days and we’ll see. Except that I don’t really like wearing black (or near black) polishes on my fingers. Ruby Pumps arrived in the mail yesterday also, along with Color Club Art of Seduction. Ruby Pumps was a lot redder than I thought it would be though. It’s very sad, I haven’t even tried either of those out yet and here I go making yet another red glitter!

The cast of characters:

I used all Wet n Wild polishes. Base was 2/3 full bottle of clear, and I added 10 drops of red, 8 drops of black, a scoop of red glitter, and a scoop of dark pink glitter.

black, red, clear, two colors of glitter

black, red, clear, two colors of glitter

My critique:

I should’ve gone for only pink glitter in order to lighten it up a bit. I also intended to make it a little less red and a little more burgundy. And, I think there’s a little too much glitter in it. I tried to make it sort of jellyish. I’m not exactly sure what the difference between a jelly and a sheer is, but this was definitely sheer. This was 3 coats. Odd how my camera picked up the sheerness of it…on my nails it looks even and perfectly opaque.

tips gggr

ta da!

I am loving this color! Glitters on my nails provide me with all-day-long entertainment because I can’t stop holding my hands up and wiggling them to make the glitter sparkle.

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