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August 2009
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French Week - half-moon manicure

french week
Now, this isn’t a french, exactly, but it’s french-like. French-adjacent. I think it still counts for french week, because I’ve been wanting to do it for a while!

ch ravishing reverse french 2


It’s an interesting look, and I used China Glaze Ravishing Dahling, which is a wonderful jelly-ish polish.

ch ravishing reverse french 3

no flash!

I think you can see the full effect more when the pictures aren’t cropped so tightly, but I had an issue with my thumbnail that I had to “fix.”

no flash!

I have used my expert Photoshopping skillz to edit out the enormous smudge that happened on the way outside to take the pics.

I freehanded the moons, which turned out OK. I just followed the curve of my natural moons (is there a real term for those?) with the polish brush, and then cleaned them up a bit with acetone and a paintbrush.

As always, here is my list of complaints/things I will do differently next time:

I’d liked to not follow the curve of my moons, and instead make them larger and more curved in order to increase the drama of the effect. I think I could’ve done with a third coat of polish to make it darker and more vampy and 1940’s-ish, and I also think I need an actual color for the moons instead of just leaving them bare, because there’s not enough contrast between the moons and my skin. Also interesting would be to include a french tip, I think – maybe with a dull white color for the moons and tips.

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  • […] Posted by manicuremania on November 4, 2009 Ravishing, Dahling is easily in my top 5 favorite polishes. I love to say the name! AND I LOVE JELLIES! I don’t even know why, maybe just because they’re kind of rare? By the way, why are jellies unusual? Because they take a zillion coats and most people (except bloggers/polish obsessors) don’t like the sheerness maybe? Also, why do all jellies seem to be red? I already have a red! Anyway, this is the one sad lonely jelly in my collection. I think it’s also the only polish I’ve worn more than once since I started buying polish like crazy and started this blog – this is the THIRD TIME I’ve worn it since then!!!! It’s been featured a couple of times on this blog before – I used it for my half-moon manicure. […]

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