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September 2009
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Sinful Colors - Mercury Rising

I’ve been avoiding this color for weeks, and wondering why in the world I ever would have bought it. It looks like a darrrrrrrrrk brownish red – not my thing.

But on the nail! Ohhhhhhh…it is good.

Burgundy with brownish gold shimmer. Lots of shimmer!

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Diamond Cosmetics - Pink Paradise

Love, love, love. Is it pink? Is it coral? I don’t know, but I love it.

Pretty accurate swatch. It is much brighter IRL though. This is a very bright color. It’s so ME! I’m really liking the consistency of the Diamond polishes – I like runnier polishes personally.

The […]

Sinful Colors green nails - now matte!

Still struggling mightily with my new lightbox. Sigh.

I think the combination of Sinful Colors Show Me The Way and Call You Later is possibly my favorite…ever. I have so many polishes that I’ve never tried that I usually can’t bear to wear a polish for more than a day, but this…oh this is […]

Sinful Colors - Show Me The Way & Call You Later

I’ve been looking everywhere lately for the Halloween Fantasy Makers glitter, and I finally found it last night at a Walgreen’s! Of course I couldn’t stop at that so I casually strolled by the Sinful Colors display, and I could not believe the selection! The Sinful Colors display at the Walgreen’s I normally go […]

China Glaze - Grape Juice

This polish is really pretty! It’s an awfully sheer purple that is absolutely loaded with  shimmer. It’s so shimmery that it looks silvery in some lights because of all the reflection. I would buy this in every shade of the rainbow if China Glaze would just agree to make them! I […]