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October 2009
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Mini Haul

You know, I should really stop making impulse polish buys, seriously. Every time I go in a store, I pick up a couple of bottles that catch my eye, and it’s silly! I mean, if I took the money I spent on random Target polish I could make a big order at an online nail supply, and get some of the polishes I’ve been drooling over for months!! I have never really made a big online multi-brand polish purchase before, because I feel weird about spending enough on polish to make it worth it with shipping – sure, China Glaze is ~$3 at head2toebeauty, but with ~$10 shipping, I’d have to buy quite a few bottles to make the actual price of each bottle less than I could get it at a local Sally’s. It is a dilemma!!

Anyway, here’s what I got in Walmart today when I was supposed to be getting groceries:

haul5Pure Ice Busted and Cheatin, and Sally Hansen White On and Rockstar Pink. Busted looks SO PRETTY!!!! And I’m always on the lookout for glitters in a clear base, for layering.

And this is what I got in the Dollar Store, which happens to be right next to Walmart:

haul jewels 5Sticky nail jewel designs and rhinstones!

2 comments to Mini Haul

  • Lucy

    You have my favorite Extreme Wear Rockstar Pink. I fell hard for this shade. I guess because I was so shocked about this brand. Besides I love the pink and glitter. I hadn’t used this before so I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. I also love all the colors they have.

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