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December 2009
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Backlogged Hauls

I haven’t posted in forever, and I have so much backlogged stuff to post! I figure I’ll do a haul post first since that’s the easiest. Also, I finally (I think) figured out how to make my new camera take good pictures in my light box, so yay!

First, my backordered Zoyas from the […]


My adorable bf got me the most awesome camera for Christmas! It is a Canon Rebel T1i, and OMG it is crazy. I love it already, but it is sooooo beyond my photo-taking capabilities at the moment to use the darn thing. It took a bit of time (and I had to consult the […]

Borghese - Belissima Rose

I had planned on doing some more Christmas manicures this week, but instead I’ve been lying around in bed with a cold that is sapping every ounce of my energy. And on my vacation, too, darnit! So here’s a super old post that I found in my Drafts – I was sure I’d posted […]

Christmas Manicure 2 - Misc. Designs

Wow, I haven’t done nail art in forever, and I’m rusty. I got some new stuff to work with, though, all of which I LOOOOOVE. First, acrylic paints are soooooo much easier to paint with than random polishes. I got this set at Transdesign a while ago, and it’s pretty awesome. The paint is […]

Blatant Ripoff Santa Nail Art

Occasionally I see fabulous nail art on other blogs. And I either think “DAMN, I was planning mistletoe Christmas nails, now I can’t post them because it’ll look like I ripped off the idea WHY AM I SO LAZY!” OR “OMG that is awesome, I wish I had thought of it first, but of […]