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December 2009
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Christmas Manicure 2 - Misc. Designs

Wow, I haven’t done nail art in forever, and I’m rusty. I got some new stuff to work with, though, all of which I LOOOOOVE. First, acrylic paints are soooooo much easier to paint with than random polishes. I got this set at Transdesign a while ago, and it’s pretty awesome. The paint is much thinner than polish, so it applies easily, and while it may sometimes not provide complete coverage in one coat, it doesn’t really become 4 inches thick when you add a second color, as polish sometimes does.

paintsNext, this thing. Not sure what it is, but it’s awesome. It’s like a very fine-tipped dotting tool, and I use it to make outlines which a brush wouldn’t be able to get even. Maybe just my brushes are bad quality, I dunno, but this thing is handy. It came in a set with my nail art brushes, actually.

paint toolOh, and the third thing I used is my dotting tool. Everyone knows what a dotting tool is so I didn’t take a picture, but this is the first time I’ve used one and it’s pretty useful for making perfectly round dots. I got it on Transdesign for like…a dollar? I’d always eyed dotting tools at Sally’s previously, but I never thought that the ability to make perfectly round dots was really worth the ~$10ish dollar price tag there.

So, here is what I ended up with. I totally should’ve cleaned up my nails before taking pictures. I lost my camera charger so I’m using a borrowed camera, which I’m sorry to have to finally admit is much better than mine, and picks up much more detail.

christmas misc maniStocking: Blah. I sort of ran out of ideas on this one. And then I realized that stockings aren’t very cute. I added Stripe Rite clear nail art glitter to the trim at the top.

stockingWreath: I layered different shades of acrylic green paint, made the wreath entirely too big for my nail, and used my dotting tool for the…well, dots.

wreathHolly: This one’s my favorite! Dotting tool used again.


Christmas lights: This got messed up on the black because the base white maybe wasn’t entirely dry, so it ended up all blotchy. I used my dotting tool to make dots, and then rounded them a bit.


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