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December 2009
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Backlogged Hauls

I haven’t posted in forever, and I have so much backlogged stuff to post! I figure I’ll do a haul post first since that’s the easiest. Also, I finally (I think) figured out how to make my new camera take good pictures in my light box, so yay!

First, my backordered Zoyas from the Green Friday promotion came in:


  • Zoya Envy – might as well be black. Not my thing!
  • Zoya Tangy – very bright, pretty sheer. Eh.

Next, I hit two Dollar Trees in a different town, and I found some more Maybellines in one of them, plus a few Sally Hansens:


  • Maybelline Red Aluminum
  • Maybelline Two Timer
  • Maybelline Matte Blue
  • Maybelline Matte Olive
  • Maybelline Jungle Green
  • Sally Hansen Baroque Frost
  • Sally Hansen Wired
  • Sally Hansen Radar
  • [not shown cause I forgot] Maybelline Matte Maker

Next! My Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes from the sale. I had a big post planned about how ridiculous such expensive polishes are, but that’ll have to wait till later!

The boxes are a nice touch (picture taken pre-camera-figure-outing):

rbl boxesAaaaand, the actual polishes. I might sit these on a shelf under a spotlight. Maybe under glass:


  • RBL Bikini Bottom – turns out that this is depressingly sheer. Figures this is the only one I didn’t research before buying cause I seem to be on some sort of mission to snap up every light blue/light teal/mint green polish ever
  • RBL No More War – ugly color, but so damn unique I had to have it
  • RBL Concrete Jungle – I’m a sucker for all grey polishes

I popped in an Icing store before Christmas (I’ve never been in one before). Most of the polishes weren’t really OMGIHAVETOHAVETHATNOW, but I really like the two I purchased:

  • Icing Blackout – this one is coooooool
  • Icing Laura’s Fave – another light tealish/blueish polish, and it’s a shimmer, too! Obviously I couldn’t resist.

I tried to get a pic of the holo glitter in Blackout. Semi-fail?

icing 2

On the same trip, I got these at Claire’s. I’m not really into false nails, but these were so pretty! My sister got some too and we planned to put them on together after getting pedicures, but, as always, I was running late so we couldn’t. :)


OK, polishes/polish stuff that I got for Christmas! Everybody hated buying me nail polish (they seem to be under the impression that I already have enough, or something…?) so it was awesomely nice of them to buy these for me anyway, knowing that it was what I really wanted.

I adore all three of these. Somehow my sister managed to pick (from the list I gave them) the polishes that I reallllllly wanted.

Not sure why this picture came out blurry, but I am just not redoing it, because, laziness. But also, my mouse is dying and I’m short on time. Yeah, that sounds a little better.

  • ccColor CLub Revvvolution
  • Color Club Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em
  • Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money

Most of the polishes I wanted for Christmas were holos.

cg holo

  • China Glaze L8R G8R – surprisingly sheer for a holo
  • China Glaze LOL
  • China Glaze TMI
  • China Glaze Caribbean Blue – soooooo pretty

Konad stuff! There are irritatingly no colors on the Special Polishes. One is obviously white, and the other seems to be a dark blue shimmer. My sister knew I only had the tiny mini white in Special Polish, and white is one that I think a Special Polish is kinda necessary on – it gives good coverage.


  • m71 – pretty, lacy, non-full-nail images, yay!!!
  • m60
  • m57

I’ve never wanted one of these before, at all, but now that I have it I realllllly like it. The brand is HoMEDICS and the indentation on the front is a nail dryer – that’s something I’ve actually been meaning to pick up for a while.


So, yesterday I went into Sally’s, and…they had a bunch of stuff on clearance. The clearance stuff at Sally’s normally isn’t discounted all that much, but I swear, you put a clearance sticker on something, and suddenly I neeeeeeed it.


  • China Glaze 5 Golden Rings – THis was my only full price polish from this trip. Wasn’t much interested in this one before, though I have all the others from the holiday collection…this was the first time I’ve seen it in person though, and I kinda loved it. I’m also terrified of missing out on polishes that will be discontinued. That’s also why I carried around that (also clearance) orange glitter China Glaze Halloween polish for a while before coming to my senses and remembering that I think it’s totally ugly.
  • China Glaze Stroll – never heard of this one before, it seems to resemble a more berryish  Ruby Pumps
  • China Glaze Matte Magic – I always thought this was ridiculously overpriced for a mini polish, but $1.99 I can totally do. I got two of them!

Now this was a bargain, I was happy to see these.

  • orlyOrly Prisma Gloss Gold – very cool looking in the bottle. I suspect this won’ t show up too well on the nail though. The box says this one is a topcoat
  • Orly Enchanted Forest – I’d kinda wanted this before but was afraid it’d show up basically black on the nail. I hate that.
  • Orly Star Spangled – looks like a glitter in the bottle, sorta like Color Club Art of Seduction, but on the nail ends up being much closer to Ruby Pumps
  • Orly Tiara

OK! I think that’s it! Whew!

Matte Maker
Two Timer
Matte Olive
Matte Blue
Red Aluminum
Jungle Green

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