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December 2009
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Christmas Manicure 1 - Candy Cane Tips

This is a design that’s so subtly Christmassy that I wouldn’t feel like an idiot walking around with it on my nails, but I would know that it was Christmas-themed, and it would holiday my mood right up!

I used Love My Nails in Glazed Persimmon for the red, it’s got some subtle shimmer […]

Barielle - Polished Princess

Polished Princess is sort of one of those “so ugly it’s pretty” polishes. Very shimmery, almost metallic…and swampy, froggy, moldy green! I quite like it.

I tried it with CND Copper Shimmer Effect, and it looked kinda awesome with this shade of green. It completely changed the look of the […]

Sally Hansen - Romantic Rose

Romantic Rose is totally a lame name, but I really like this polish! It’s from my 10-years-ago stash, I think, when I was crazy for nudes and mauves. It has a verrrrrry subtle shimmer, and is just an all around good, flattering, “skintone +pink” color. I had lots of chips after […]

Wet n Wild Craze - Shield

I have so got to stop taking pictures of my nails and just leaving them to languish on my camera card, because my memory is awful and I can’t remember what I thought of a polish 3 days after I wore it. And…the ones I have saved up are […]

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Mint Candy Apple is maybe a tad bit too stark for me, but it’s still a very pretty color. How to describe it…moldy White-Out? It’s not going on my top 10 or anything, but it’s a very nice polish and application wasn’t overly streaky or terrible. I wore this for several days, hence the […]