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January 2010
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polish strips

incocoThese were on sale, so I got two sets a while ago. Seems like an interesting idea, right? And the packaging says over and over that it lasts forever, so, it’s gotta last longer than normal polish…right?

I tried the french kit first.

In the box were (fairly unclear) instructions, the polish strips,  a file, a polish removal cloth, a sticky strip to close the package back up so the nails you don’t use don’t get dried out, and, oddly, two extra nails in a different color? I guess that’s a sample?

So, two things: the sizes and the instructions. The sizes – Any product like this will have problems similar to the sizing problems with false nails – people have differently shaped/sized nails, so sometimes they don’t fit all that well. I had trouble with that. There were 20 strips in this kit, but I only get one use out of it. And the instructions: suuuuucked.

incoco2The french tips and the actual polish are both on the same strip, and the instructions warned me to tear the polish strips CLEANLY away from the french strips, but it was impossible for me to do. I suppose I should have trimmed the messed up tip pieces with nail scissors but…I didn’t.

incoco3I didn’t follow the directions here (file the excess off) – I just pulled the strip under my nail and tore it off.

incoco4It took me ruining a couple of strips to figure out that there was both a front clear layer and a sticky back layer that need to be peeled off before application. The directions didn’t say that, and it wasn’t clear to me. :( I felt silly. Once the top clear layer was peeled off though, it was interesting – a very very very thin rubbery piece of polish!

incoco5The strips were very rubbery while I was applying them, but they seem to have dried out some after wearing for a while. I can still totally see that knocking a nail really hard on something would rub it off though.

incoco6I made my tips too wide AGAIN, darnti. Also, the polish color was a sheer iridescent/duochrome/sparkly type thing, and it didn’t at all cover my nail yellowing, so I really didn’t like the look. Also, i had dents and peels in these MINUTES after application. I really kinda hated these – they were a pain in the ass to apply and they looked bad and they didn’t last even as long as normal polis. Perhaps topcoat could be added? It did occur to me, though, that this might be a good thing to take on vacation. The one time I went on a business trip recently and brought a bunch of polishes for swatching, the fumes about killed me in that unventilated hotel room.


incoco8Oh, one more thing – the removal cloth didn’t nearly take the polish off all of my nails, and it smelled exactly like non-acetone polish, so I just finished with that.

All in all, this is a fail. Though I do really like how I’m able to get an absolutely straight line on the french tips.

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