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January 2010
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I Went To Five Below! (Haul)

I’m starting to feel ashamed about my haul posts, because I feel like they might outnumber my swatch posts!!

Oh well.


So, I went to Five Below for the first time ever, and oh…it was like a polish oasis. Polish nirvana maybe. GLITTER HEAVEN! I was really impressed with the two lines of polish I saw there, because they weren’t just standard boring cremes like I’m used to seeing in stores…it seemed that every polish I saw was a duochrome, or a holo, or had abnormally-shaped glitter, or whatever. It was AWESOME. I can’t really tell for sure yet whether any of these should be called glitters, or shimmers, it’s odd

I saw the L.A. Girl Rockstar polishes for the first time, and…oh. my. goodness. They are nice. I went through the whole rack, pulling out the ones I liked as a sort of shortlist. And I ended up with, I think, all but two of them? I loved them all!!! I somehow managed to narrow it down to my verrry favorites though, and this is what I ended up getting (click the pics for enormous glitter goodness):

  • laghaul2Groupie – looks like fine, briiiight , sparkly purple glitter
  • Rockstar – black? base with purple glitter
  • Addict – blah, another glittery reddish color. But, some of the glitter in this is GOLD
  • Heavy Metal – gray shimmer/glitter
  • Punk – blue glitter/shimmer, but the glitter shimmers purple. gorgeous!

I adore the names of the polishes, too. But what’s up with the brand name? L.A. Girl Rockstar is awkward, but also it’s…a collection name, is it not?

Then I was strangly tempted by the teeny tiny bottles of Color Club Fashion Addict…and I have a full-sized bottle of Fashion Addict, which I’ve used once. I’m telling you, make it mini or slap a sale sticker on it, and I must have it.

Also, what is up with Funky Fingers? I knew that they were the same polishes as Color Club, but I didn’t realize that they actually had the same names too. I don’t really understand the point. Also the bottles are big and bulky, I like the compact, square CC bottles a lot more. I picked up several that I’ve never heard of before, and several more that I’ve been eyeing the Color Club versions of for a while:


  • Bourbon St – I don’t have many duochromes, but I assume this counts as one. Gold and copper and yellow, oh my!
  • 220 Volts – been drooling over this one for months
  • Under The Mistletoe – well, the label says Under Mistletoe, but I’ll assume they were just stupidly abreviating. I’ve been wanting to get the CC Christmas collection for a long time, especially this one
  • Moonwalk – gray/black holo? The holo effect on this isn’t smooth. It’s more like it’s jampacked with holo glitter, it’s awesome. My boyfriend pointed this one out as “nice”
  • Voodoo – blackish with golidh shimmer/glitter

There was another teal-ish shimmer called Peacocky that I almost got cause of the name, but then I remembered that teal makes me throw up a little.

4 comments to I Went To Five Below! (Haul)

  • I tried Electric Guitar over black, it’s the orangey copper sheer one, and it was yawn worthy. It looked like a brown shimmer polish, that’s all, no cool flakey goodness.

    The Five Below I go to just opened the first week of December, so it’s brand spanking new. I went there the seccond week of December and they had the limited edition Sally Hansen display that had Hidden Treasure, but if it had Hidden Treasure when they first put it out, it was gone already. I was kicking myself for not showing up for the grand opening when I could have snagged one (or both). I do like that you never know what you’ll find there as far as nail polishes and makeup in general.

    • Jeannie

      Yeah, sadly I think that’s about par for that line of polishes from what I’ve seen so far. Disappointing!

      But what in the world? Your 5 below had the good SHs???? Mine only ever has random Extreme Wears stuck in other polish bins. Really sucks that you missed out on it!

  • I’m jealous! I’ve got a few Funky Fingers from Five Below and was hoping so much I would find Bourbon St and Jester but they didn’t have those ones. :( Jester is a dupe of CC Wild at Heart. I did get some good ones though, I got Kenyan Sunset which apparently is also a Wild at Heart dupe, only it really is, in that Wild at Heart is holo, but not crazy-ass holo. Yeah so I got that one, while you got Jester the crazy-ass super holo one. I also got Snakeskin which I love, and three of the Christmas glitters. I’d love to have Moonwalk and Voodoo too. *fumes, and simmers with envy*

    I love those Rockstar polishes and picked up a few too, I got that green and orangey-yellow one too, the real sheer looking ones, because they look like they might be awesome layering flakie polishes. It’s really hard to tell if they are really flakies or just weird shaped glitter. I haven’t layered with them yet, but I’ll pop back in and let you know if they are awesome or yawn worthy.

    By the way, I do love swatch posts, but I really adore haul posts. So keep up the good work!

    • Jeannie

      Sometimes my 5B seems to randomly have the old ones, maybe keep looking? And yeah, almost all of those Rockstar polish look so gorgeous in the bottles, but they are all so sheer! I’ve got a bunch of them sitting on my untried shelf for ages cause I can’t bear the sheerness, even though some have flakies. I’m interested to see how they work for you though!

      Oh, I’m glad you like the haul posts, sometimes I feel like they might be a little annoying! I really enjoy seeing other people’s hauls too, though.

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