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January 2010
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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about storage, and duplicates, and the sheer amount of polish I have. I know that my collection is nothing compared to most other bloggers, but it’s steadily increasing. I have more polish now than I could ever wear, really, and I have nowhere to put it. And the looks I get from people I mention my polish to are starting to bother me somewhat, also. It used to be “oh, that’s funny, she sure does like nail polish!” and now it seems to be more “MY GOD she spends a lot of money on useless polish.”

I don’t necessarily want to do a no-buy, because I don’t particularly like making myself feel guilty when I break it, and there are several collections coming up that I really want – like Up And Away – I might be forced to buy that entire collection. Oh, and Orly Bloom looks interesting also.

About dupes – I’ve been thinking about starting to post comparisons when I swatch a polish. Often lately I have a particular polish on my nails and I can’t stop thinking that it’s JUST LIKE another polish or two that I also own. It rarely ever actually IS the same, but still, could be interesting. I always like seeing comparisons on other blogs – I normally make my buying decisions entirely based on swatches I see.

Now, storage. Ugh, what am I going to DO with all of these polishes? I’ve been documenting my organization recently (post to come), which I guess is what has gotten me thinking more about it. I’m also toying with the idea of getting rid of a chunk of polishes that I don’t like/don’t wear/have close matches of, but I think it’s really not hurting much to keep them hanging around. Also…what does one DO with unwanted polishes? Try to sell it in a big lot on eBay, maybe? Give a few away I suppose, but normal people probably wouldn’t want to take a ton of my old polish :)

I’m going to have to ponder this stuff some more, I guess.

No-picture posts are boring, so here’s a polish that just arrived today – it somehow tagged along with one I ordered for my sister’s birthday that she really liked last time we got pedicures. Essie Shelter Island:

ess shelter

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