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January 2010
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Today I had a whole day to myself, so I pulled out my jewelry-making supplies, which have in recent months been put away to make room on my work table for nailpolish stuff. :) I started making something, but then I thought I should try out my new camera and see what kind of pictures I could get of some stuff I’ve already made. These pictures are better than the ones I could pry out of my old point and shoot, but still not as good as they should be. I’m so lost about how to use this camera! I ordered this book and it should be here on Tuesday, so we’ll see if that helps me any.

These are my favorite pieces, in order of my favorites from least to most.

I ordered these vintage beads from EurekaEureka on Etsy, and I adore them but couldn’t really think of much to do with them. They have gold accents so it would’ve looked funny with silver, my preferred metal. This is brass, and I don’t like it either – it looks dirty.

necklace 2

Amazonite briolette from a local bead shop, very simple on a long chain. I like my jewelry simple, and I wear this quite a bit.

necklace 3Here’s the clasp on the same necklace. This is one of the earlier necklaces I made, and this is the type of clasp I was making back then. It doesn’t look very secure, I know, but they never come undone in my experience. My new, better looking clasp style is at the bottom of this post.

necklace 4

I made this one to go with a gorgeous blue shirt I have, and that’s about the only wear it gets. They look nice together, but it strikes me as a bit too matchy – I’m very, very bad at matching things in a coordinating as opposed to identical way.

necklace 5

I normally stay away from actual beading because I much prefer to work with metal. I think that beading can be nice if done in an understated way, but I suppose that most of the beading I see seems…over the top to me. But then, I guess have odd taste. I’m very uncomfortable wearing flashy jewelry. I made this necklace on Thanksgiving night, beading with my sister, and I only made it to keep her company, and I was pretty much out of silver wire, and also inspiration. So I was surprised when I loved the way it turned out!

necklace 9I wonder why this picture turned out the best. All the others have a pinkish cast to them, and this one, while it has a blueish cast, is also very color accurate.


OK, this is my favorite piece ever. I don’t think I can feel very proud of it though, because all I did was wire-wrap a premade set of beads onto a chain. I searched for forever to find this bead set, and it is gorgeous! I finally bought it from Laffinggull on Etsy, and at least at that time, she seemed to be the only person on Etsy making what I was looking for – coordinating sets of different types of beads, rather than sets of several of the exact same bead.

necklace 6

I had to force myself to make the wire wrapping chunkier looking to match the (in my opinion) rather large beads – this is one of the chunkiest necklaces I own, but it’s still probably pretty small by most people’s standards.

necklace 7And this is my new clasp style. Same idea as the one above, but stronger and classier looking. The tiny rondelles are citrine.

necklace 8

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