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January 2010
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Zoya - Posh

Zoya Posh. Ehhhhh. I don’t especially like it matte – it’s dull-looking, somehow.

zo posh

And I don’t really like it glossy, either. I guess I was expecting it to be more like Loredana and Dovima, which are just unbelievably sparkly and shimmery with or without topcoat…but the shimmer just didn’t show up as much with Posh, plus I just don’t really care for this shade of pink-red.

So, my rather awesome boyfriend followed up his fabulous Christmas gift to me (my camera) with a fabulous birthday gift – a macro lens! I played with it a tiny bit tonight, and it’s taking much more detailed pictures, but, I’m still a noob who doesn’t know how to use her camera. Tomorrow I’ll take some comparison shots to see how the lenses take different pictures. I’m also playing around with my camera angle…I have to practically disjoint several limbs in order to get my fingers straight! Especially since with this lens I have to hold my hand way farther back in order to fit them all in the frame. It makes me wonder how most people position themselves for the camera. Especially the ones who take pics with the nails pointing straight down in a perfectly even row going across. HOW??????? Seriously, please weigh in!

Anyway, this was taken with my new lens, Posh with a coat of Seche:

zo posh 2

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  • A note about taking the photos: I’m not good at it either. But I’m sure those bloggers who have their fingertips pointing down simply take a picture of their fingers horizontal and then rotate it in Photoshop.

    It’s worth a try!

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