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January 2010
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another haul

I really need to try to remember that $3.99 “clearance” polishes at Sally’s really aren’t a bargain, considering that with the rewards card and the 15% coupon they’re, what, $4.50-5? and also they’re available online for $2.50ish. At least, they’re not enough of a bargain to buy polishes that I didn’t really want in the first place. But, put something on clearance and I go into a sort of frenzy, it’s ridiculous! I’ve been passing on the China Glaze glitters collection for forever, but throwing them in the clearance bucket did me in. I WAS able to once again put that Halloween glitter back in the bucket though, after remembering that I think it’s really ugly.

  • haul cgChina Glaze Nova
  • China Glaze Cleopatra
  • China Glaze Millennium – the opaqueness of this one is crazy!
  • China Glaze Twenty-Four K – looks extremely sheer

  • haul fpFinger Paints Evergreen Dream – I don’t even like dark greens, yet I snap them up like crazy. Weird.
  • Finger Paints Icy Iris – was this one of the Christmas polishes also? Not sure, but it’s really pretty
  • China Glaze Moonlight – I totally stole the idea for this one from Brooke, it looked so nice on her, and is a polish I’d NEVER have looked twice at otherwise This was my only full price purchase this time, and, well…I got it for free for buying a bottle of Seche (there was a coupon)

Now, a while ago when I was hitting every Dollar Tree in the area looking for old Maybellines, the boyfriend suggested that I try Big Lots too, and I totally scoffed at him. I was all, “Why don’t you just sit there and look pretty and let me deal with this, cause you just don’t understand that Big Lots is entirely DIFFERENT.”

But last night I went into Big Lots while trying to kill some time, and I saw tons of Revlon polishes in boring pinks, a few (only three bottles, but all different and all pretty and non-boring) $1 Sally Hansen Salons, and a bunch of $2 Borghese(s). It was awesome. The Borghese were kinda boring colors also, but guess what…I didn’t buy every one they had!!! I instead chose my 5 favorites. !!! I know, I’ve really matured.

  • haul shSally Hansen Take A Tourmaline – I don’t understand the name of this one
  • Sally Hansen Emerald Ring
  • Sally Hansen Heartsapphire – gooooorgeous dark blue with subtle purple shimmer
  • haul borghBorghese Espresso Brown  – very brown, very shimmery
  • Borghese Sonata Berry – looks like a less-jelly (and therefore less awesome) China Glaze Ravishing Dahling
  • Borghese Rubino Red
  • Borghese La Strada Rose
  • Borghese Principessa Ivory – close to CG Moonlight, but streakier

Now to peel all these labels off without damaging my nails!!

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