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February 2010
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Pink & brown multicolored konad

Lately I’ve been entirely without inspiration, so this time I resolved to go find some!!! While searching for random things in Google image search, I found this picture:floriana-brown-pink

Image from

I love brown and pink together, and I HAVE been wanting to try doing a sort of gradated Konad pattern, so this was perfect!

These are the polishes I ended up using:

scrapbookOrly Country Club Khaki, Orly Softest White, China Glaze Fifth Avenue, Zoya Ali, Zoya Moxie, Wet n Wild Black

For my base, I (shockingly enough) didn’t have a brown that matched the picture I had in my head, so I took the closest one, Country Club Khaki, and added a tiny bit of black to it on a mixing tray.

To make the Konad pattern, I also had to mix colors. I darkened up the Orly Softest White with a bit of Fifth Avenue. I wanted to use Fifth Avenue by itself as my darker pink, but it didn’t show up very well against the brown base, so I added the other pinks to it. Came out much brighter than I had envisioned, but it seemed to be the best I could do with such a dark base color.

Once I had my colors the way I wanted them, I just dotted them onto the plate! (Konad plate m64)

scrapbook 2I was surprised that the colors weren’t mangled after scraping the excess polish off, but it turns out that wherever you put the polish on the plate, it pretty much stays there and doesn’t get all mixed up. I just made sure to completely fill every part of the pattern with one of the colors.

scrapbook 3The end result. Yeah, the pink is much more magenta than I had intended, and upon study of the pictures, I should’ve stayed with a lighter brown base.

I don’t hate it, but it’s nothing like what I had intended.

scrapbook 4

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