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February 2010
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Seems like all I post lately are hauls! But this is a good one, I’m pretty excited about it. I went so overboard though! Also, I found myself drawn to neons today for some reason. Guess I’m ready for summer to get here?

First, I went to Big Lots and the Dollar Tree:

  • dollarbigMaybelline First Date – this was in a pack with Special Sparkle…boring
  • Maybelline Special Sparkle – this is so neat, it looks like Christmas in a bottle
  • L.A. Colors Bright Pink
  • Maybelline Pretty Grey – what an unimaginitive name, but I had to have it because of that
  • Sally Hansen Grape Expectations – weird name? this is not purple.
  • Sally Hansen Rose Carthane – weird name on this one also – it is orange.

Next, Ulta. I never go into Ulta cause it’s far away form my house, but I had to go and check out the new Essence polishes, and might I add that my boyfriend spent his whole day carting me around to all these places because he’s wonderful:

  • LA Splash Pink Dream
  • LA Splash Sparkling Jellyfish
  • LA Splash Golden Seahorse – I was just about to buy this one on Cherry Culture!! Dorgeous.
  • Ulta After Party – THIS IS SO PRETTY! It’s silver and red glitter, so original!

About the LA Splash polishes: the glitters that I saw from this brand were really really pretty, but the cremes were less than impressive. Also I thought they were a tad on the expensive side.

Of course, I got several of the Essence polishes too:

essenceThey’re so tiny!!

  • Essence Go Wild
  • Essence Check Me Out
  • Essence Just In Case
  • Essence Underwater
  • Essence What Do U Think?
  • Essence No More Drama

I also picked up the Essence stamping kit, cause an extra stamper and scraper are always handy, and plus I kinda liked the image plate. I didn’t have any Konad plates that had a butterfly image. How is it possible that Konad hasn’t copyrighted this yet? I mean, the colors are even the same!


stampy 2

OK, the next place I went. I’ve been on the lookout for crappy little dirty non-chain beauty supply stores, but I never found one until today! I figure that would be a good place to get polishes from brands I’ve never heard of before, or perhaps dusties. So when I found this little store tucked into a shopping center, I was excited! I was even more excited when I walked in and saw that almost all the polishes were $.99. Oddly (to me) they didn’t have any normal brands of polish. No China Glaze, OPI, etc. Also, I saw a bunch of brands of makeup (Kleancolor, Santee, etc) that I recognized as also having polish lines, but the store only seemed to have the makeup. Bummer! Still, I think I hauled pretty good.

disco brites

Well OK, these were $1.99, but still! I knew this brand had a black light range, but I didn’t realize they were the Disco Brites. Love the names on these.

  • L.A. Girl Disco Brites Retro – I don’t think I have anything like this, and that is saying something!
  • L.A. Girl Disco Brites Turntable – I grabbed this one and carried it around the store with me so that nobody else could buy it cause it was the last one…and we were the only people in the store
  • L.A. Girl Disco Brites Vinyl Record – pretttty blue!
  • L.A. Girl Disco Brites Chic
  • L.A. Girl Disco Brites Dance Craze – this is a melon color, though my pic kinda skewed the color


  • NYX Maroon
  • NYX Hawaii
  • Princessa Gold Rush

These were also $.99, yay! For some reason there were no displays for these, they were just thrown in a bin. These were actually the only NYXes that I saw at all. I like to buy at least one of a brand so that I can see how it applies.

ruby kisses

  • Ruby Kisses Baby Blue – horrible name, this is not baby blue.
  • Ruby Kisses Steel Magnolia
  • Ruby Kisses Tangerine
  • Ruby Kisses Blue Pearl – doesn’t seem to actually be a pearl, looks shimmery.
  • Ruby Kisses Tropical Blend – hot pinkish coral, very pretty
  • Ruby Kisses Red Romance – BAR GLITTER!

OK, Ruby Kisses. Nice large range of colors, and many didn’t seem to be sheer, which is sorta what I expect from $1 polishes, so I’m impressed so far. In fact from the test swatching I’ve done, they seem pretty good. Brushes are a bit skimpy though. Also, $.99. This seems to perhaps be a UK brand? There’s a UK address on the bottle, and also the little symbol that I think is UK specific, that shows the number of months the makeup is supposed to last before you throw it out.


  • Nicka K. Cosmetics Lime
  • Nicka K. Cosmetics Amarillo – my search for the perfect yellow ocntinues
  • Nicka K. Cosmetics Fiesta Red – not really red, more of a dark coral to me
  • Nicka K. Cosmetics Green – this is a neon

So far, I’m thinking these were the best find. They seem pretty opaque and the brushes don’t annoy me. Lots of color and finish choices on these also, like all the other brands I saw at this store. Not sure if these should be referred to as NK like on the fronr of the bottle, or Nicka K, which is printed on the back. ALSO. The bottles say these are B3F. Isn’t that unusual for such a cheap polish?

There was only one other brand of polish in the store, Wild & Crazy, I think? But they all seemed suuuuper sheer and were tiny bottles that cost more than the others, so I didn’t get any.

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