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March 2010
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Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here

This is, like, the perfect grey creme. I adore the shade, it’s maybe a tiny bit darker than what I would call “elephant.” It was fairly runny but applied smoothly in 3 coats.

I’m not sure why I love greys so much, but apparently I always have. My mother tells a story about how when I was little, a clown came to my school to do a show for us. He chose me out of the audience and (I didn’t know at the time) was going to make me a balloon animal or something. So he asked me what my favorite color was and when I said “grey,” he told me to go sit back down. :(

Anyway my point is that I love greys, and I’m totally eyeing the Nubar Fortress collection. It sounds like a sort of silly idea, doesn’t it? Six gray polishes, five of which are cremes of varying lightness. And yet…OMG I so want it!

Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here

6 comments to Pure Ice – Kiss Me Here

  • Gauri

    I too am planning on getting the Fortress AND the Going Green collection. And I already have a bunch of both colors. This color is a great one, I didn’t see it in my Wallymart when I went there on a scouting trip (the horror). But thank you for swatching this, b/c I shall keep an eye out for it during my next campaign into the wilds of wallyworld.

  • This is a kickass grey. :)
    P.S. How do you subscribe to your blog? Normally I use google friend connect.


    • Jeannie

      Hmmm. There’s an RSS link over on the left sidebar which should add my feed to your Google Reader, which I assume is what you use if you’re using Google Friend Connect? I don’t know much about that, but I’ll look into adding a Friend Connect link here. Thanks for wanting to subscribe!

  • That’s a beautiful grey! You should get the Nubar Fortress collection if you love grey this much. I got the Going Green one, since green is one of my favourite colors, and I haven’t regretted it one bit! :)
    P.s.: What a mean clown! *pats little you*

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