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March 2010
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I Went To Ross Again!

And I finally found another Color Club collection, Pardon My French. This collection came out pre-obsession, so I didn’t know anything about it. It’s kinda…boring? I expect that any collection with “French” in the name should be intended for french manicures, right? And I…guess that’s what this is for? There’s one oddball super-light pink, and then in darker pink, orange, and blue, there’s both a creme and a holo glitter. So I’m thinking that they’re laid out like that so you can use, like, the orange creme for a french tip and then the orange holo glitter as a topcoat.

Color Club - Pardon My French

But…the problem is that 3 of the cremes aren’t anywhere near opaque. Take Me To Your Chateau is an AWESOME one-coat light blue creme, though, so after getting tired of adding tip coats with the pink, I switched to the blue duo. It…does not look good, so I’m back to not really understanding this collection again. I do like the glitters though.

Color Club - Take Me To Your Chateau

So while I was sobbing over my tragic nail stains, I had a Eureka! moment. Maybe I should just COVER THEM UP. If I got a polish that was the same color as my skin, a “mannequin hands” shade (to use a stupid term that bugs me), and used that UNDER the sheer polish, then I wouldn’t have to sob anymore, or to apply 9 coats of Seche Bright (which is actually kinda awesome, BTW)! Now. What polish will work? Can’t have shimmer. Has to be fairly opaque. I know! It’s franken time! So, I give you…my skin:

Franken - Skin bottle

skin comparison

I think it’s about the right shade, but it needs…something. It’s a bit stark.

4 comments to I Went To Ross Again!

  • Your nail are really beautiful though. You did a great job.

    I had such issues with those Color Club collections at Ross too. I actually made a blog just for my issue in hopes I could get answers. If you have any information could you let me know?

    Here is my post about it…

    Thanks :)

    • Jeannie

      that’s so crazy – I’ve bought like…6-7 of the Ross Color Club collections. Yeah, they don’t have names on them, which seems odd to me too – WHY? But, I have a label maker, so I’m cool with that. I have NEVER seen one with a crooked top like yours though, and I’ve never noticed the caps/brushes being different except, of course, for the logo being missing from the top. As for the random polish in the Sweet Seduction collection, that seems standard for these also – I know that a lot of people were getting collections marked Electro Candy that were actually Flower Power in the Electro Candy box.

      So yeah, I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with these, cause I adore them, and I still check Ross for the incognito Flower Power, and Sheer Seduction, and will snap them up in an instant!

      I entirely don’t understand the reasoning behind the way Color Club is doing these, but, entire collections for $7, and I haven’t had any quality issues myself? I am soooo all over that!

  • Jennifer

    My nails were stained, too, and I was having to give up French manicures – which I adored because I love to put a dark blue tip on or a brightly colored tip then sparkly clear over the whole nail. Anyhoo I came across Sally Hansen Insta-Brite Nail Whitener at the store and thought I’d try it. For the first week it didn’t seem to be working, after the second week my nail looked every so slightly better. It is now 3 weeks later and my nails look much better, surprisingly. I just put it underneath every manicure. It’s very gradually lightening the whole nail evenly (yup the tip still is slightly darker). I did try that weekly 15 minute immersion in warm water with a denture cleaning tablet in it. I’ve read that some people get good results with that. That was pleasant but I don’t know it just wasn’t something I remembered to do, so the whitener base layer just works out better for my habits. Sorry this kind of sounds like an ad but I’m amazed it’s actually working albeit slowly. Oh and kudos on making a skin tone franken – that’s amazing. It looks great and very flattering skin-tone-wise!

    • manicuremania

      oooooh, I’ve never heard of that product before, but I’m going to have to try that out! I just wish basecoats worked properly and our polish didn’t discolor our nails so badly in the first place. Thanks for the recommendation!

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