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March 2010
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Rescue Beauty Lounge - Bikini Bottom

Well, I think…that I like it? I let this one sit around for forever before finally trying it, because of the depressing sheerness.

This is 4 coats. I think I should’ve left it at 3. At 3, it looked like a sheer. TOO sheer, yes, but different than what I normally wear. At 4, it’s nearly opaque and it just looks like a faintly jellyish, extremely pale blue. Not interesting at all. It’s very watery looking. That sounds like a bad thing, but it’s…interesting.

After 4 (THICK) coats of polish plus a coat of Seche, it was very dentable hours later.

I think I’m experiencing tip pull here, from the second coat of Seche that I added last night to keep it shiny for another day of wear. I’m not entirely sure what tip pull is, but it sounds bad so I always keep a close,  suspicious eye on my Seche’d nails in case it rears it’s head.

Seriously, what is it? Like…a really bad tipwear type of situation?

Ugh I glopped topcoat all over. I never do any cleanup after adding topcoat because, well, you can only see the gloppiness in pictures!

RBL - Bikini BottomWhen I look at my nails I keep thinking “robin’s egg.” so I was thinking, I need brown speckles! I tried it with some brown polish and flicking a paintbrush at it, but I just ended up with polish all over the tips of my fingers and I gave up!

If I’m going to wear my polish for more than one day, I really need to start taking pics of it on the first day, because they end up looking wrecked by the time I take the time to take pics.

2 comments to Rescue Beauty Lounge – Bikini Bottom

  • ChynnaBlue

    Yes, you have it pretty much right: tip pull/shrinkage means the polish pulled/shrank away from the tip as it dried. If I do my nails at night, by the next morning it can look like I have 2+ days of tip wear. It’s strange! Thinning SV helps. I add a layer of another top coat under the SV, which helps prevent shrinkage AND helps it wear much longer. I’ve found it happens the least often/noticeably with cremes and the most often/severly with glitters.

    If your polish is dry, you may want to use something other than SV as a refresher. Ive found that putting SV over dry polish causes my polish to peel off the nail in one big sheet. And I will admit – once it happened in the middle of the work day and I just dabbed some clear polish on my nail and on stuck the peeled off polish back down and rubbed it on. Stuck until I made it home to change. :o)

    • Jeannie

      Interesting, thanks for the info! I think I’ll try the ‘David’ topcoat for second coats for a while and see if that makes a difference. Heh, I did the same thing last week, I actually carry clear polish with me for exactly that reason!

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