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March 2010
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I got these adorable polishes on eBay, and I have to admit that I bought them entirely for the cuteness factor. Nail polish bottles…that look like TINY PAINT CANS??? Yes please!! Luckily, they ended up being awesome.

jessica bottles

I couldn’t find much about these online at all.

Pajama Party is from a collection called Paint The Town. Honestly none of the colors exited me too much but I had to pick one because of the bottle cuteness, and this ended up being a good one! It applied beautifully!!! This is 2 coats.

Now normally, it looks like this, a dark (but NOT black-looking) purple:

Jessica - Pajama PartyAnd then the sun hits it and OMG BLUE! The shimmer! MY EYES!!!

Jessica - Pajama Party 2Stupid Orly Nail Armor basecoat leaving fibers hanging off my nails:

Jessica - Pajama Party macro

Now, Grey Ladder. I love this polish. Love it, love it, love it. It’s a light, stark gray with no hint of blue. It’s very matte…maybe somewhere between the satiny Diamond mattes and the chalky OPI mattes. Unfortunately, the brush was wonky – the end of the brush was uneven. I tried to snip off the offending bristles and I think I messed it up worse. So my application ended up being not smooth – not streaky at all, just…slightly ridgy. Since the other two brushes from these Jessica polishes were fine I assume I just got unlucky on this one.

Seriously though, this polish applied better than any other matte I’ve tried. Other mattes seem too thick and won’t apply evenly, and when I get the first coat all straky and spotty…a second or third coat just ends up being half an inch thick. This formula was much thinner though, and I LOVED applying it even with the uneven brush.

This is 3 coats.

Jessica - Grey Ladder

Last, we have Life Of The Party, and it’s from the Sass & Sparkle collection. AND IT IS A LIGHTBULB OMG. Not much to say about the actual polish though – tinted base but very sheer, big chunky (in a bad way) multicolored glitter. The bottle looks tiny, and it is, but it says it’s .5 fl oz like a normal polish. I see…pink, blue, and maybe holo glitter in this? I couldn’t face even attempting this as anything other than a layering polish, so here it is over Pajama Party.

Jessica - Life Of The Party

Jessica - Life Of The Party macro

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