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March 2010
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random musings about treatments, and a plea for help!

My nails are starting to peel again, and it’s driving me crazy. I went for months having to continually file them down because they just got too long for me, and now they’re all peely again. :( And I’m not doing anything different! I think they need more moisture. That’s the main cause of peeling, right? Dry nails?

I’ve never really heard of a product that actually seems to change the condition of anyone’s nails. Like, people do “I’m using this product for X amount of days and I will report how it worked out!” but it always seems to just fizzle out and I assume the product didn’t help at all so they didn’t bother. I’m actually guilty of that myself with my Barielle treatments.

Another problem with nail restorative products, to me, is that the directions are always vague and I’m never really sure what the product is supposed to DO or HOW it’s supposed to work.

I’ve been thinking about Nubar Nu Nails, and I could (probably) deal with not wearing polish for a whole week, but…what exactly is supposed to happen after all that torture? It will make my nails feel healthy and “like new.” Um. What does that even mean? Will it get rid of my yellowing and magically heal my peeling? It “treats soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails.” OK…but HOW???????

I don’t mean to single Nu Nails out, but it’s the one I’ve been thinking about trying lately so it’s on my mind. I hear people mention it a lot but I never hear the results. Also, maybe Nailtek Foundation II or Nailtek Hydration Therapy II, both of which are for soft and peeling nails. I just don’t especially enjoy spending $15 on a product that may do nothing except deprive me of my polish fix for a week.

AND ANOTHER THING that sort of bothers me, though this will sound weird, is the fact that both Nubar and Nailtek treatments are supposed to be “natural.” Now, I am all for not using chemicals on my skin/nails when possible, but…how is a product going to FIX my nails if it’s made of like, seaweed and avocado juice? It just seems to me that some good old fashioned chemicals would be the only thing to actually make a noticeable difference.

So, anybody have any ideas or suggestions? I think I am going to try Nu Nails just to see what happens. I fully expect to be disappointed I guess, but you’ll get to see before and after pics of my hot naked nails!

5 comments to random musings about treatments, and a plea for help!

  • This is very late, but I thought it might be of some help.

    I used Nu Nails almost every time I changed my manicure for nearly a year. I thought it worked really well, so I kept using it. That, I think, was a mistake because my nails started peeling again after awhile. I think it works great if you use it as directed, but I wouldn’t recommend its use exclusively.

    I’m using Borghese Hydrati right now, which is a moisture treatment, and my nails definitely feel better with it on. They don’t feel as brittle as they do with regular basecoats, but they aren’t as dried out as they were using exclusively strengtheners.

    I’ve shyed from Nailtek because I heard there was formaldehyde in many of their products, but that was a while ago so things might have changed.

    Taking my multivitamin regularly has helped a lot with the quality of my nails, but they would still peel a little. I try to keep my hands and nails moisturized as much as possible and use a basecoat that doesn’t dry out my nails. This combination has been working well for me so far.

    I hope that helps!

    • Jeannie

      thanks, that’s exactly the sort of real results I was looking for regarding Nu Nails! I think I will just look for something moisturizing, and work on remembering to take vitamins, and hand cream. Thanks for the response!

  • Jeannie

    ughhh, that’s about what I thought! That gives me some ideas of things to try though, thanks guys for responding! I think I’ll skip the treatments for now and work on changing my nail routine a bit first.

  • i went through this too…… and i don’t want to sound peer pressure-ish, but nothing helped me. and i am not sad about the $$$ I spent, but getting all hopeful and putting alot of energy and effort into it.

    It is a internal thing for me, and only wrapping my nails, using artificial nails and keeping my toes polished are the only ‘real’ way to help damaged or brittle/weak/peeling nails

  • ChynnaBlue

    Sorry to hear about the peelies. I know how frustrating it is. I don’t really believe in a product changing nails – for the good – either. Here’s what stopped my peeling:

    I have moisture cream everywhere. Not sissy lotions, but thick and rich creams. Some are greasier than others, so I leave those for overnight. I keep them all over my home, my desk at work, and my purse so that I use them whenever I wash my hands. I also use cuticle oil and drop it under the free edge of my nail when I have polish on.

    I upped my calcium intake from “eh, whatever, maybe I had some today” to the daily recommended dosage. I use Viactive chewey chocolate ones and leave them on a table by my front door so I remember them going out and comikng home.

    I stopped using any basecoat/treatment that contains formaldehyde. Many favorite treatments have it and it was harder to find treatments without it.

    I can’t say if any one thing contributed more than another, but I haven’t had any signs of peeling in at least 8 months.

    Good luck!

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