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March 2010
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Funky Fingers Alice In Wonderland collection!

OK, so, Funky Fingers. Of course they’re made by Forsythe Cosmetic Group, which is the company that makes Color Club. And of course I knew that the Funky Fingers polishes are the exact same as Color Club polishes – they’re literally the same polishes with the same names, in differently shaped bottles.

Well, apparently Forsythe moves fast, because today in the Five Below Funky Fingers section I saw this gorgeous blue foil that I was just drawn to. It was named Alice! Cute! A little farther down, OMG that purple is beautiful! Wonder why it’s named Cheshire? OH WOW LOOK AT THAT PASTEL BLUE! Wait a minute. Mad Hatter? I’m sensing a theme here.

So, looks like Forsythe saw the Alice In Wonderland craze that’s happening lately and took a bunch of random polishes and slapped Alice names on them. I say random because the colors don’t necessarily look like their names to me, and also cause of the mix of finishes.

So I got all 5 that I saw, because: good quality, adorable colors, and the satisfaction of owning what I assume is a full set (though who puts out a 5-polish set? there may be a 6th one). And here’s the thing – I didn’t realize that Funky Fingers ever actually renamed their Color Club polishes, which is what I’m sure is the deal with these. I’m cool with that though, cause they’re still cute and I think I only own one of the Color Club versions.


I guess this would be classified as a foil. I’m not entirely sure because I don’t think I own any others – I don’t normally enjoy metallic-type polishes. But this one is gorgeous! It’s like a better, more metallic Dorothy Who?. No idea which Color Club polish this is. Any guesses?


This picture is color-accurate, but only because I fixed it with photoshop, which I never do, but all the pictures came out blue!! Cheshire is similar to what I imagine Grape Pop to look like. VERY purple. VERY pretty. 3 coats, shown with topcoat cause it dries matte, though I really wouldn’t consider it neon. And it’s an exact dupe for Color Club Pucci-Licious from the PopTastic collection:

Mad Hatter:

Lovely almost neon blue. Also dries matte, of course. I think this is Color Club Factory Girl, based on the matte-ness and the color swatch on Trans Design, but I don’t own that one. 3 coats!

Off With Their Heads!:

I thought this was kinda boring until I tried it on, and now I think it’s my favorite. It was crazily opaque, but somehow streaky also, so though I considered stopping at one coat, I ended up doing 3. I would guess this is a dupe of Color Club Youthquake, based entirely on the Trans Design swatches again. Very nice orangey pink!

White Queen:

I couldn’t bear to wear this on its own, so here it is with Off With Their Heads!. It’s…eh. The glitter is huge, and holo. I just think that if I ever feel the need to wear a clear holo glitter polish, I have 97 others that are just as good. No clue which Color CLub this one is.


I hate these stupid Funky Fingers bottles – they’re big, and stupid, and awkward, and stupid.

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