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March 2010
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50 Followers Giveaway!

Well…I’m past 50 now, but that’s still what I’m calling it.

This is so exciting! First, having 50 followers. That is craziness! And second, doing a giveaway is just so exciting!!

I had so much fun picking out the stuff to give away, also. I had a really hard time deciding and scrapped many Trans Design shopping carts before eventually deciding to go with items that (hopefully) some people may not have easy access to. And I love everything I’m giving away, too! I just hope I picked things that people actually want, now I’m all nervous! So here we have it:

The Color Club Glitter Vixen collection: These are all just so gorgeous. They’re the glitters against which I measure other glitters. The colors are gorgeous, the finishes are awesome, and the coverage is good. I got this months ago in anticipation of my first giveaway!

China Glaze – Blk-Bila-Bong: this is just…ahhhh. It is pretty.

China Glaze – Ravishing, Dahling: This had to be included because it is hands down my favorite China Glaze. Hands down my favorite polish, actually. Maybe I’ll include it in every giveaway, ever.

NK – Royal Blue Frost, Kaleidoscope and Purple: gorgeous colors from a brand I like. I’m pretty impressed with these…the quality is good, there’s a large range of colors, they’re available locally for instant polish fixes that I don’t have to feel guilty about (why’d I spend $6.50 on stupid Sally Hansen Commander in Chic from WalMart when I could’ve gotten 2.6 China Glazes online that I actually wanted??), and they’re dirt cheap.

LA Girl Rockstar Electric Guitar and Supernova: I love the Rockstar polishes, I’m sure that I’ll end up owning all of them at some point.

I’ll try to get all these polishes swatched (using my own bottles) in the upcoming days before the giveaway ends!


1) Be a follower, of course.

2) Email to let me know you’d like to enter.

And…that’s about it, really. I don’t want to force anyone to repost this on their blog, though of course I’d appreciate it if you did. :)

This will end on 3/28, so email me by then! Also, international followers are welcome!

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