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March 2010
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My week.

OK, I have a lot to cover, so I’m going to make several posts tonight. I was sort of AWOL all last week. I’m not sure if haul posts are boring. Probably, but I enjoy seeing them on other blogs, and I like being able to look back and see my initial impressions of stuff before I try them out.

Yes, the very day after I said I’d been bad for buying a TON of new polishes, I totally bought more. And then continued buying more, and more, and more!! I found several more beauty stores in town, which I am very very excited about!!! Seriously though, I think I’m done for a while. I’ve got more than enough to be going along with and I need to actually wear some of these before buying any more. This is my new resolution…no more polish buying until I swatch 50 more polishes. That’s maybe a lame goal but for now it’s what I think is best, cause it’s not that I shouldn’t BUY polish…my problem is that I buy polish, and more polish, and more polish…and I never actually get to wear any of it!

One thing though, I found another beauty store that I didn’t buy anything from. It’s a “wholesale and retail” beauty supply store, and when I went in, 20 minutes before closing, there were boxes everywhere and people running around putting stuff on shelves. I didn’t really feel comfortable buying anything or looking too much (I wasn’t entirely sure they were actually open? And there weren’t many things that had prices on them yet) though. I was completely intrigued by their stock from what I saw though – TONS of Color Clubs, Sation, and a few more brands some older OPIs and Orlys, plus bunches of stuff that I’d previously only seen on nail supply websites. The Color Clubs were awesome, they had aisles and aisles of them, and lots seemed to be super super old, because they were literally dusty and they were in the old style Color Club bottles. I’m going to give them a few weeks to get all set up and then go back and spend a couple hours there probably :)

First, I feel the need to post pictures of my Color Club collections that I got at Ross last week, because they’re pretty all lined up nice and straight in the boxes.

This is apparently the “real” Electro Candy set. Apparently there’s another one floating around out there, but it’s actually Flower Power in the Electro Candy packaging! Which of course means that I have to be on the lookout for the fake one. :)

I’ve worn a few of these already, and they’re goooooorgeous. SO much better than the rather boring Rebel Debutante.

Kleancolor: love the bottle shape!

None of the colors really appealed to me all that much. I’m sort of getting to the point where I have “enough” normal polishes, I think, and I seem to look for unusual colors now. Thus the browns – I don’t have many real browns! These smell BAD, y’all. BAD BAD BAD.

  • Neon Sapphire: not a neon
  • Chunky Silver: LOOK AT THAT GLITTER!!
  • Cappuchino
  • Dark Brown

  • Ruby Kisses – Neon Green
  • Ruby Kisses – Caribbean
  • NK – Green Apple: this one was calling me, so I got it, but I know it’s sheer enough that it’ll only work as a layering polish
  • NK – Turquoise
  • NK – Teal

  • Sally Hansen – Wet Cement: I had a hard time finding this one, I’ve been wanting it for a while now
  • Orly – Rage
  • N.Y.C. – Molten Metal: this actually looks similar in finish to the new Orly metal collection
  • Nina Ultra Pro – Vintage Velvet: these were on sale at Sally’s!
  • Nina Ultra Pro – Velvet Seas
  • Sally Hansen – Gray By Gray: I resisted buying this for a whole 4 days cause I think they’re extremely overpriced. But, it’s prettttty!!!!
  • Sinful Colors – Green Ocean: FLAKIES

I found these at Ross, 2/$3. I never would have bought them otherwise cause the concept doesn’t really seem designed for someone as into polish as I am, but they seem to apply quite well so far!

  • Catch Ya Later!
  • Indigo-Go-Go!
  • Com-Pewter-Ized
  • Vio-Let’s-Go!

Claire’s only had 3 of the mood polishes when I went, I REALLY want the other two!!!!

  • Daring/Innocent: ehhhhhhh.
  • Peaceful/Confident: the two colors seem too close to one another to me.
  • Calm/Wild: my favorite! SHIMMER!
  • Mean Green: I got this one to make myself feel better cause I couldn’t find Dream Catcher, I think.

I found an American Apparel!!!! I didn’t know there was one in town!

  • Rose Bowl: Lovely girly pink, and initial swatching points to this being a one-coater.
  • Peacock: the boyfriend picked this one out. WE SHALL SEE.
  • Office: Mint green, enough said.

I also ordered Blue India the other day, I figured I’d hate myself if I missed out on it.

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