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March 2010
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Blue India vs Gray By Gray

I know this is entirely shady, but I’ve forgotten to say a ton of stuff about Blue India that I meant to say, so I’m editing it in!

I’m a little sad that this is the most expensive polish I’ve ever bought and it’s close enough to another polish I just purchased that I seriously don’t feel like I need to own both.I love the bottle and box art on Blue India! Isn’t it prettttty??

I got Blue India on cause I didn’t want to deal with trying to find it in a store with all the out of stock issues I’ve heard about. It was $12, and I found a free shipping code – looks to me like there are always free shipping codes floating around for, which I was not aware of. Gray By Gray, by comparison, was $7.99 at CVS. !!!!! However, I’ve seen the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes at Walmart for $6.50. They both applied very well in 3 coats, but of course you’re dealing with the crazy SH flat, wide, rounded brush (which I actually love) with Gray By Gray.

I believe that I like Gray By Gray better. The lighter, dustier color just seems to attract me more.

Keep in mind, these pictures are under bright lights and blown up big…but these colors are very, very close  in real life. Blue India is essentially the exact same color as Gray By Gray, just a few shades darker.

Blue India on my index and ring fingers, Gray By Gray on my middle and pinkie.

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