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April 2010
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Ruby Kisses - Caribbean

This is a SUPER pretty jelly-ish polish. LOVE the color!

It just wasn’t blingy enough for me, though, so I topped it with another awesome polish I got recently, Pure Ice Strapless. Awesomeness!!!

Now I’m off to go through my Google Reader starred items. I normally catch up on my blogs while at work on my Blackberry, and it’s just not time-efficient to comment that way, so I star what I like, planning to go back to it later…and then every few weeks I go through my hundreds of starred posts and weed out all the expired contests I meant to enter, posts I meant to comment on but don’t actually have anything interesting enough to say to do it 2 weeks after the post, etc. Lazy!!!

I reallllllly wish it was possible to comment from Google Reader. :(

2 comments to Ruby Kisses – Caribbean

  • Lex

    Hey! I just found your blog, and it’s a tad bit eerie how similar it is to mine! lol. Great minds and all that :p well actually, your nails are nicer than mine, your photos are about a billion times better, and your layout doesn’t completely suck. So I guess just the name and subject, lol.
    I just got Pure Ice Strapless as well – it looks AWESOME layered over a dark shimmery purple, or a silvery white. Try it :)

    • Jeannie

      hehe it is weird, huh? I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I thought the same thing about the names! And shhhh, your blog and nails are great!

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