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April 2010
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I went shopping!

It’s been kind of a while since I bought any new polish. I think Blue India was the last one I bought. I’ve been trying to slow down and wear some of the ones I have cause my untried shelf is overflowing and I don’t want to have to buy a new Melmer yet :)

In Sally’s, buy 2, get 1 free oh yeah!:

These are for frenches. I realized this week that I don’t really have anything good for the sheer base for frenches, and it made me sad cause I adore french manicures! I do have a ton of random sheer pinkish Sally Hansens, but they mostly seem to lean orange/brown/yellowish, which is exactly what I want to AVOID. So they’re now in the Zoya Exchange pile.

  • Orly Snowcone – they were out of the green one from this collection, boo!
  • Finger Paints Add & Abstract
  • Finger Paints Scenery Greenery – THIS IS SO PRETTY, I’m wearing it now. Perfect green.
  • Claire’s Fabulous/Funky – 4 down, 1 to go! The search continues for the green one! (there are only 5, right?)
  • Claire’s Dream Catcher – !!! Pretty!

OK, these Charlotte Russe polishes are bugging me. They don’t have names!!!

OK, so Charlotte Russe has a “Spring Time” collection and a “Goddess” collection, which matches what’s on the labels. Simple, right? No.

I’m pretty sure that the pinkish one is “810 Peach” from the Goddess collection, so that’s fine, even though there is no “810” on that label anywhere, grr.

But what about the green???

In no way is it the only green I see from the Spring Time collection:

And when I search the site for the number on the label, it brings up the Matte collection page. And the color *could* be this one, but…this is not a matte polish, even by Diamond Cosmetics standards!!!

This is driving me crazy!

2 comments to I went shopping!

  • Jeannie

    Sorry so late to reply, but sure I’ll swatch these for you. I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m enjoying American Apparel Peacock too much to remove it right now!

    I’ll have to google China Glaze Nude, I’m not familiar with that one. And, I normally use Wet N Wild when I’m playing around with frankening, so I’m sure it was that. I just checked it and yep, still no bleeding!

  • I am in the same boat as you with the no nail polish for french manicure base but I love french manicures.

    Do you think you could a swatch for the 3 colors you bought? when you do a french manicure do you do 2 coats or just one coat?

    I am considering china glaze nude for a french base since it looks nice from the swatches I have seen but I’m not too sure because it might look too skintoneish you know.

    maybe the glitter I bought bled due to the clear nail polish I put it in? It was something random from the dollar store and I Was testing the bleeding of the glitters. What nail polish brand did you add the glitter to? it would be great if the glitter didn’t bleed.

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