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April 2010
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small haul

I went to a dirty little beauty supply in my town yesterday and picked through all the random polishes there. There were a LOT of boring reds and pinks, and weirdly, a TON of random mood polishes. Like, I counted 6 different brands. I passed on them though because I assume they won’t work. I didn’t end up getting too much because I thought it was fairly overpriced for dirty, crusty, seriously separated, oooooooold Chelsea and Sation polishes. I mean, I know that polish doesn’t really go bad, but still! I suspect the store might’ve been a front for a cocaine ring or something, cause I have no idea how they make a profit. I was excited to see ancient polishes, cause you never know what you might find, but it turns out that I didn’t really even get anything unusual, most of the colors were boring.

The (male) kid who worked there earnestly explained to me that I might want to get a basecoat and topcoat, because sometimes nail polish can stain your nails. It was adorable.

First, I had a casualty:

That used to be Color Club’s Worth The Risque. :(

These are the ones that survived, though:

  • L.A. Girl Matte Alpine Green – I bet this will go on like housepaint, but the color is very pretty
  • TK Baby Blue
  • TK Envy Me – this is bright, almost neon, it freaked out my camera
  • TK Aqua Marine – another almost-neon
  • TK Sonic Blue – the bf adorably picked this one out!

  • CQ Gem Green – THIS IS A HOLO
  • CQ Plum Baby
  • CQ Creme Blue – dusty ocean blue, very pretty
  • CQ Vintage Gray – love this color! it’s taupe-y, but leans more brown

Saw these in Walmart, and loved the cute bottles and the dust creme colors.

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