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May 2010
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Color CLub - Electro Candy Collection

I don’t normally swatch entire collections, but this one has been bugging me and I wanted to get it out of the way. My untried shelf is completely full! But I couldn’t seem to force myself to swatch any of these before because 1) neons will not photograph correctly and it bugs the crap out of me to post color-inaccurate pictures, and 2) I don’t especially like neons, and shimmery neons just seemed weird to me. So today I’m powering through and then I’ll just be done with it.

These were all a little thick and streaky. There were several in this collection that will immediately be put away, never to be worn again, and a few that I really liked…but that will also probably be put away, never to be worn again! :) I ended up really liking the shimmer, BTW.

Volt Of Light: 4 coats. This is what I would classify as “hi-lighter yellow,” and I like it. Like most of these, the shimmer keeps it from being too stark and bright.

Ultra Violet: 3 coats. I know the picture looks pink, but it is purple. A very blah purple, actually.

Pure Energy: 3 coats. This one is a goooorgeous color. Very streaky though, this was the hardest to apply, as you can see from the bumpy application.

Tangerine Scream: 3 coats. This one was the most opaque of the bunch. It was also a very light orange, so “tangerine” is a good name for it. Very pretty color.

What A Shock!: 3 coats. Such a good color! Difficult to apply though. Streaky. Also, it completely freaked out my camera. It wouldn’t focus on the shimmer!! Turns out I’d already swatched this one here, over white.

Electro Candy: 3 coats. My favorite!!! Such a cute pink!

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