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May 2010
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French Bases!

Today I swatched my new sheer French polishes for Li Lian. They’re…interesting! Here they are again:

Pink Nude, Rose-Colored Glasses, and Innocence.

OK, I’ll do these worst to best, and I left my ridiculously short ring finger bare because it would be ridiculous to add a white tip to my sad little nail, and also to show how much color and opacity these give.

Here is Orly Pink Nude. I got this one because it looked more neutral, not very pink. It’s kind of…white. Sounded interesting, right?

One streaky coat:

Two streaky coats:

This is bad. It is wayyyyy too opaque and extremely hard to get even. It definitely covered up my faint staining, but it also pretty much covered up my white tips too. This might be really good for someone of color, I guess?

Next, Rose-Colored Glasses.

Two coats:

This one was much better, but still not good. It was RUNNY. But that was OK, because it really has no color. It looked so promising and delicately pink in the bottle, but it’s also really sheer. It didn’t even pink up my white tips at all, which I guess could be a good thing. I supposed you could call this an EXTREMELY natural French base, which some people might like, but I need more color than this. Did not cover my staining, not streaky at all – very runny actually.

And, my favorite, Innocence:

Two coats.

Now THIS is more like it! This is a really soft pink with a good amount of opacity. Not too pink, not too white. Covered my stains and gave me nice healthy-looking nails.  I’m going to have to try this one out for a real manicure before I decide if I can stop looking for my perfect French base, but this could very well be it! This wasn’t streaky at all.

I’ll try to swatch some other french colors soon, I have an opaque pinkish white for tips from the Orly French collection that I’m not sure if I like yet. Oh, and I also have an Orly french kit, that I have extremely embarrassing pictures of here, so that definitely needs to be redone. I’m all about frenches lately, which is sad because I HAVE ONE RIDICULOUSLY SHORT NAIL AND IT WOULD LOOK STUPID. I’m seriously considering applying a false nail on that one till it grows out :)

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