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May 2010
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a rant.

I am soooooo sick of drugstore polishes lately. Actually I love drugstore polishes, but non-quality issues are bugging me lately.

First, I’m sick of drugstore polishes that think they’re better than other drugstore polishes. The new Sally Hansen salons in the ugly bottles are like $8. 8!!! Sally Hansen, unless you actually start supplying salons and beauty supply stores, instead of just, like, Walmart, get over yourself and price your polishes normally. I admit, the Salons come in some AWESOME colors, a great formula, and (I may be in the minority) I love the brush…but I don’t spend $8 on OPi. Why
in the world would I spend it on Sally Hansen?? (Not to say that I *won’t*…I own a few OPIs and a few of the new SHs…but I will grumble! Oh how I will grumble). I’m not just mad at Sally Hansen, either, though they’re the worst offender since they also make $2
polishes. What, are they, like…saving their “good” formula for the Salons instead of the Extreme Wears? NO! IT’S THE SAME THING, THE SALONS JUST HAVE TRENDIER COLORS! Anyway, Borghese is another one that bugs me. Thankfully, though Borghese has an excellent formula, they mostly have boring pinks and reds so I’m not usually tempted to buy any of these, thus I don’t have as much rage about them.

Secondly and most importantly, I’m sick of limited edition/poorly distributed drugstore polishes. Are they trying to create buzz/demand (which makes them evil) or do they just need to fire their distributor
(which makes them stupid)?

When Opulent Cloud came out, I kept an eye out for it, but I didn’t stress cause I knew I wouldn’t like it. When I finally did find it, months after the hype, I ended up buying it because I’ll basically buy anything that catches my eye if it comes in a polish bottle, but yep,
I hated it.

It also took forever for the Milani holos to get into stores around here, and I STILL haven’t seen the new Wet n Wild display that people posted about months ago.

Anyway, now there are a ton of drugstore polishes that I actually really want, but I will probably never own them because I cannot find the darn things. Revlon. Minty, the smelly pastels, I think there was another set of Maybelline pastels, the Loreal Passport to Paradise collection, Hidden Treasure…see, I’m not even entirely sure what they are because I’ve been trying to ignore them since I know I will not find these anywhere around me. I haven’t seen any of these in any store I’ve been in! This weekend I’d like to hit a bunch of drugstores to see if I can find any of these, but I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT. It bugs the crap out of me. I’d love to waste my money on these polishes, BUT I CAN’T.

2 comments to a rant.

  • I agree, some of the pricing is ridiculous. I, too, don’t feel as harsh on Borghese, as I think generally the formula is good and I like the brushes and treatments. But Sally Hansen polishes stain my nails regardless of what put underneath, and are way too expensive imho for what they are.

    I still haven’t found the Milani holos here, so I can definitely relate.

    If it makes you feel better, I’ve heard that Maybelline’s brush is an absolute disaster. I still wish I had grabbed Minty, but it helps a little.

    • Jeannie

      oh no, you’re in the same boat as me!! That’s weird about SH staining your nails, I don’t think I have that problem.

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