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May 2010
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Dollar Tree Finds

Went to the dollar store again on my lunchbreak yesterday, and although I know I cleaned out all the dollar stores I checked a few months ago of the polishes I wanted, and I know I checked this one, they seem to have restocked? Maybe I should check them all again. Anyway, this is what I got:

  • Violet Water
  • Blue Water
  • Emerald Water

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have gotten these. But, it’s an interesting idea and I thought at least they’d be better than the Orange Water I got last time, which made me look fungus-y.

  • Gold Aluminum
  • Brown Aluminum
  • Blue Aluminum
  • Matte Brownie – why isn’t this one called Matte Brown, following the naming conventions of all the others I’ve seen?

I got these entirely because I have a bunch of the other Aluminums and Mattes from previous Dollar Store hauls, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM. I have issues.

  • Two Timer Stars – weird, I have Two Timer also, and it’s the exact same polish except that this one has blue glitter added. And Two Timer is an ugly polish. But I had to have this.
  • Aqua Shocks
  • Blue Bops – REALLY pretty
  • Blackened Bronze
  • Rose Rocks – pink with gold shimmer, pretty
  • Fuchsia Hops
  • New Year’s Blues – this is SO PRETTY in the bottle
  • Blackened Teal

I’m most excited about these!

8 comments to Dollar Tree Finds

  • peripatetic33

    did they have any fairy pretty – i am desperate for some fairy pretty back ups – it is my most favorite of all

  • Wow, great finds! The best we found was Matte Sapphire and Matte Gold (not matte, barely satin finish) and Plushed Plum (purple frost). These blow them out of the water! I’m excited to see the Waters, they sound really interesting.

    • Jeannie

      they SOUND interesting, yeah. I think so too! But the orange one was AWFUL. I hope these will be better since they won’t just look like discolored nails!

  • I love these old Maybelline Dollar Tree Finds! The ALuminums work great for Konad and look a bit like the OPI Suede collection in my opinion, especially the Blue one!
    My sister did a sweet french manicure with the Blue Water and a blue creme tip.

    Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you do with all of these!

  • Oooh–Rose Rocks & Fuschia Hops–I’ve never seen those two before! Nice finds. I keep hoping the DTs near me will restock with SH glitters, but so far no luck.

    • Jeannie

      I always have good luck with the Maybellines, but I’ve never really seen the Sally Hansens. I’m going to recheck the stores around me soon though :)

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