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May 2010
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As soon as I make the post about stupid hard to find, expensive drugstore polishes, I find all but one that I had wanted. At the second store I tried.  On sale.

I hit CVS first, and found that metallic Milani collection, and some Maybelline collection with a name like Salsa Sun – that was mostly boring reds so I wasn’t tempted.

Next, I went to a magical, magical Rite Aid. And I immediately found almost everything I’d been wanting and more. In addition to the collections I’d been searching for, there was also a big Wet N Wild display, which seemed to be all new polishes as far as I could tell. Bright cheery colors, mostly cremes. Also, the newish Borgheses, none of which I wanted. They had the expanded Wet N Wild section, too. I think maybe what sets this drugstore apart was that there were two display shelves in the center of the beauty section, each with 2 sides and 2 endcaps, for new stuff. I guess most stores just don’t have that kind of space to put new products? Anyway, so I found everything I had wanted except Hidden Treasure and Minted. The display was there for Minted, and every other color seemed to be there, but not that one!

So as I get to the register with my hands full of polish, the girl of course asks me wtf I’m doing buying so much polish, and we start chatting about polish, and I ask her if she knows anything about the new Sally Hansens. I didn’t expect anything since her tag said “New Associate” and she looked kinda blank when I asked, but she looked across the store and said “are they up there?”


On the outer wall of the store, ABOVE  the permanent displays, was a pristine Sally Hansen display plus a bunch of other nail related crap that I didn’t look at because !!!!!!. Then of course the two new SHs didn’t ring up BOGO 50%, so that was a time consuming hassle, but, YAY! I’m happy now. So, people who haven’t found Hidden Treasure yet, look high and look low (as my mother would say during an easter egg hunt)!

  • Revlon Grape Icy – I totally only got this one cause of the BOGO sale
  • Revlon Gum Drop
  • Wet n Wild Cotton Candy Delight
  • Wet n Wild Mint Fusion
  • Loreal Waters Edge – the green one from the Essie collection was the only one I didn’t have, but I bought the other 2 Loreals for comparisons
  • Loreal Ocean Breeze
  • Loreal High Tide
  • Maybelline Minty
  • Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
  • Sally Hansen Iced Coffee – only cause of the BOGO, but I can always use a nice nude polish
  • Petites Periwinkle – these bottles are absolutely adorable, and they had some interesting colors. From the lettering, I’m thinking they’re made by the same people as CQ, who also have a new line of colors out now and which were displayed right under these.
  • Chameleon Calypso – never heard of this, but there were a bunch of duochrome-y polishes in this display. I got the one with the strongest flash to try it out :)

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