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May 2010
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Maybelline Mattes

I’m starting Maybelline Week off with a bang by swatching all of my mattes. This took me ALL DAY LONG.

I think I’ve almost completed my Matte collection. As far as I can find, the only one I’m missing is Matte Stone, and it is going to KILL me. If anyone knows of any others I’ve missed, please let me know, even though I will be crushed!

**edit: Darn, April from Concrete And Nail Polish reminded me about Matte Rose.

**edit 2: Sigh. And Matte Galaxy. Thanks, PolishPig!

Aren’t they pretty all lined up in a row?

For each polish I put David topcoat on my ring and pinky fingers to compare how matte they are (or aren’t). All were faintly shimmery unless otherwise noted.

Matte Violet: 3 coats, really pretty color.

Matte Sapphire: 3 coats. VERY dark with sparse silver glitter. Eh. It was hard to get even and smooth. This is gorgeous in the pictures, but I really didn’t like it on my nails. This one doesn’t really belong with the others in this collection, IMO.

Matte Bronze: 3 coats, this is wayyyyyyy too close to my skin color.

Matte Blue: ohhhh, pretty! This is my favorite!

Matte Grape: 3 coats, this is an ugly purply brown.

Matte Gold: 2 coats. I really like this one also! It’s a very bright, sparkly gold. AND, in addition to the faint shimmer that all the others have, this one also has tiny glitter. This one is worth clicking on to see it big.

Matte Olive: 3 coats. Pretty! I remember loving this sort of color when I was in high school, which I guess must’ve been around the time of this collection. I had MANY pairs of hkaki-greenish pants!

Matte Red: Eh. This is very maroon-ish. I don’t really like the color at all.

Matte Grey: 2 coats. I have lots of polishes like this already.

Matte Brownie: 3 coats. The shimmer was larger and more prominent in this one.

These were so ahead of their time! I love that Maybelline, of all brands, did something so edgy. The collection is weird though – there are lots of them and some of them are very close in shade, some are glittery and some not, and then there are a few that have names that don’t really match the rest. It bugs me! Most of these are pretty satiny instead of matte, and the shimmer is pretty invisible – until you add topcoat, and then they’re just gorgeous!! They don’t dry as quickly as current mattes, of course, and they’re all pretty thick and gloopy and don’t really level themselves out,  though I hate to complain about the formula on really old polishes like these which have thickened with age.

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