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June 2010
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Zoya - Isla

Looooovely! I love how Isla is a super bright red in the middle where the light hits it, but looks blackened on the edges.

CQ - Gem Green

I’m pulling out all the old pics I have, thus the nubbins and the not remembering much about the polishes!

I got this polish at Wal-Mart for $2, and though it’s a holo, it’s sort of more of a “sheer polish with lots and lots of tiny holo shimmer.” Very pretty color!

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Essence - Caribbean Sea

I’m so lazy about my blog lately! It’s cause I’m playing WoW again. Apparently I can only have one obsession at a time. I’ve still been changing my polish ridiculously often and taking pics though!

I got this polish in one of my first swaps, and I’m soooo happy with it! I feel so […]

New York Summer - Amaranthe

I got this polish as a throw-in from a swap I just did. So nice, cause this was on my wishlist!

I love this color, but it really was a pain in the ass to apply. I got bubbles, and it took 4 coats, and it refused to dry, etc. But look how pretttttty!!! […]

Zoya - Snow White

Well this is sort of a fail. It’s a fine polish, but it is definitely not my perfect white that I’ve been searching for – too many coats. This is 4.

I couldn’t get the picture to show the slight jellyishness of this, so I took another picture of just one coat […]