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June 2010
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flea market and DT hauls

Today I went to a flea market, and I found THESE:

  • Sally Hansen Mint Sprint – $2!!!
  • Colorama Burgundy Blaze – i bought this solely cause I’ve never seen another Colorama – were they all tiny or is this a mini?
  • OPI Can’t You Sea – also $2, all the rest were $.50. this is depressingly sheer, but initial swatches show white and darker blue glitter in this, it’s actually really pretty
  • Wet n Wild Craze Jade
  • Pop Nine Lilac – this has super pretty shimmer in it, I’d never seen a Pop polish in person either

In the past few days I’ve also found some of the LA Colors Color Craze polishes at Dollar Trees. The first store only had 8 of them and I got them all cause they were pretty. The second store had a bunch more, and I got all of THEM cause I felt like I had to complete my collection. 😀 Even the ugly ones. And the white. I have issues. I’m still missing 6 of these, and I shall not stop till I find them!!!

  • Atomic
  • Electric Charge
  • Transformer
  • Live – this is AWESOME, I’ve already worn it. It’s one of the two foils and it’s sooo sparkly and futuristic
  • Shock
  • Wired – really pretty

  • Hot Blooded
  • Magnetic Force
  • Radiation – this one flashes different colors
  • Electrified – this is the second foil, it’s also gorgeous
  • Fuel – also has flash
  • Mega Watt – beige with pink/blue flash, it’s interesting

  • Wavelength
  • Phenomena
  • Nuclear Energy – really pretty purple
  • Current
  • Energy Source – like I needed another white!

2 comments to flea market and DT hauls

  • Amy

    I think all the Coloramas are minis. I bought Shimmer Girl and Pink Pinata (both flakies) online and they’re the same size as the one you got.

    In case you were wondering, Shimmer Girl and Pink Pinata are really pretty but the glitter is not as even as SH Hidden Treasure. Shimmer Girl is very close to HT but Pink Pinata is a really pretty pink flakie.

    P.S. Can’t wait to see swatches of Live and Electrified!

    • Jeannie

      interesting, I totally never knew that about the minis! And wow, they were really ahead of their time, huh, to have flakies!

      I’ll try to get Live and Electrified done very soon for you!

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