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June 2010
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L.A. Colors - Electrified

I really like this polish! It’s so pretty and sparkly, I wish more of these Color Craze polishes were foils. I don’t think I own any other foils and now I must buy more!!!!

L.A. Colors - Live

Live is one of the two (I think, but I’m missing a few) foils among the L.A. Colors Color Craze polishes that can be found at the Dollar Tree lately. And it is FABULOUS! I love it! It is sooo sparkly, and makes me feel all futuristic.

I have noticed that these L.A. Colors […]

OPI - Jade Is The New Black

I got a manicure/pedicure yesterday. Soooo relaxing and nice, and one day I WILL own one of those massaging chairs. So my toes totally needed some help, so I didn’t care what she did as far as filing and buffing and whatever, but I do not like people messing with my nails. I intended […]

My Zoya Exchange

Look at the pretties that showed up at my door today! Finally! And by “finally,” I mean that it only took like 4 days, but I’m very impatient! Seriously, I mailed my rejects to them late Thursday night, my credit card was charged on Monday, and here they are on Thursday. […]

American Apparel - Office

Man I’ve been slacking on posting lately. I have a bunch of posts all ready to go but no time to post them because I’ve discovered WoW again and it just sucks my life right away.

I’ve had this for forever but hadn’t gotten around to wearing it till now. And it’s a shame, […]