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July 2010
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New Stamping Plates!

I saw Suzie mention the stamping plates she got from BF-Beauty, and you all know what a bargain whore I am, so of course I clicked over. I got the 10 piece set and also added a few single plates for $2 each. The quality is about the same as Bundle Monster, and that’s kind of an awesome price.

Kind of odd that Suzie mentioned that these people have a distro center near her, because my plates surely did come from Hong Kong. Shipping was cheap but seemed to me to take a while – 9 days. Of course, I was expecting it to come from the US somewhere, so not bad at all for coming from China.

The black glitter dust, false nails, and stamper and scraper were throw ins, so that’s kinda cool – I’ll never use the nails, but an extra stamper and scraper is always awesome, plus the scraper is PLASTIC, which I just love – it can be hard to find scrapers that don’t have the metal edge, so I mostly use a store discount card for scraping. I hate to scratch my plates up! Like the Bundle Monster plates, these are thinner and don’t have backing, so they’re pretty sharp.

Some of these plates are exact dupes of Konad (and I have to say again…why in the world does Konad allow this?), and some are somewhat dupes of each other – certain designs are repeated on different plates. I really like the ones I got, though. There are a bunch listed  on this site.

Would these plates be classified as GOCL? I”m not really sure if that’s a brand name or just a name for the octagon-shaped plates that fit in the nail art stamping machines. The names of some of the plates I got start with “C” and some with “m”.

So as always, this is just a few of the plates I got. The rest can be found on the Misc Plates page, which can be accessed from the navbar up top.

I have soooooo many plates that I never use that I’m considering embarking on some sort of challenge…maybe, use ALL the designs within a certain amount of time? I’m mulling it over. :)

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