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July 2010
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Some NKs!

My untrieds are taking over the house. I’ll be sleeping in a pile of nail polish soon, I think. I keep thinking of that Dick Van Dyke episode where everything was walnuts. This weekend I swatched a TON of polishes, and I was feeling really good about myself because I thought I had cleared out enough of my untrieds that they’d actually all fit on my untried wall rack, but…then I turned around and saw this:

Yep, those are untrieds. And nope, I don’t intentionally store my polish like this, someone was “helping” me, I think.

I have to say again that I REALLY REALLY like NK polish. I’ve said it before, yeah, but it bears repeating. I’m always so excited when I find a super cheap brand that ends up being awesome, and NK is the best one yet. Did I mention that they are Big 3 Free?

And .99 – $1.50, depending on the store? And that I’ve NEVER had one with a wonky brush? And that they’re available at virtually every little random nail/wig shop I’ve ever been in? And that most of the ones I’ve tried have been EXTREMELY opaque? I will definitely be including more of these in my next giveaway, cause I feel that it’s my duty to spread this brand around. 😀 Really, maybe others think this brand sucks? I never really hear much about it.

OK, NOW, on to the swatches.

Charcoal Navy, 1 coat. Did you see that? ONE coat! That excites me too! This is really a gorgeous color – I thought that “Charcoal Navy” was a silly name at first, but it’s pretty descriptive of the polish, actually. It’s a dark gray shimmer with blue leanings. I really like this one.

Royal Blue Frost, 3 coats. Omigoodness. Omigoodness!!!! LOOK at this polish. This is what Dorothy Who? should have been, imo. It’s packed full of bright blue large shimmer (or maybe very very tiny glitter) in a slightly darker jellyish base. I actually think I will pick up another bottle of this and try adding some larger glitter to it, just to make it a complete in your face sparkle bomb. Not that it’s not already completely sparkly and gorgeous! I looooooooooooooooove this one!! Not a frost, by the way.

Purple Magic, 2 coats. Now, this one is really pretty if you like this sort of thing, which I actually don’t. It’s jst too dark for me, but the shimmer is very pretty. Purple shimmer (and maybe some pink and blue?) in a very dark, very opaque purple base.

Plum Paradise, 2 coats. This one’s a fail for me, but it’s not the polish’s fault…it’s just an ugly color! Well OK, so that IS the polish’s fault. It’s another very opaque creme, and it’s a reddish brownish color, totally awful.

2 comments to Some NKs!

  • opaque? so they must work well with stamping yes?

    btw I purchased china glaze innocence for a french manicure base and wow! it is a great polish/ color. best recommendation ever. thanks so much

    • Jeannie

      I haven’t tried them for stamping yet, but yeah, I’d say they’ll work great for that! Hmm, I’ll have to try that…

      Oh wow, I am so happy that you like Innocence!!!!

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