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July 2010
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got some cool stuff at Ross

As always lately, no good nail polish at Ross, but I did get a super cute purse, and a bunch of Borghese stuff:

Rejuvenata Cuticle Oil – I don’t even use cuticle oil, but the quality of all the Borghese polishes I’ve tried has been soooo very high, I figured, eh, for $1.99 I might as well. I did get The Cute Boyfriend to let me put this on him already! I plan on doing some major manicuring on him soon; his cuticles make me shudder. This has a very slight coconut-y smell, which is good because I can use it at work without fear of annoying the people over the cubicle wall with the scent.

Rapido Cuticle Remover – Again, I don’t use cuticle remover. Ever. But, I thought I’d try it, and at worst I’ll take it to TCB’s house and leave it there so his cuticles don’t make me cry anymore.

Perfetto Smudge Smoother – Now THIS I’m excited about! I’ve never seen this sort of product from anyone but Orly, and I LOVE Orly Smudge Fixer, so I’m curious to see how this works out.

French Manicure Kit – I don’t necessarily need another french kit, but since Borghese polishes are so great I’m looking forward to trying this out. The white in this kit MAY be a one-coater for tips, plus I’ll get to try out the Borghese topcoat too!

Borhese Poema Orchid – this is a gorgeous mauve color, and I expect it to apply beautifully, of course. I’ve gotten bunches of Borghese polishes from discount places like Ross and Big Lots, and it drives me crazy that the stores WITHOUT FAIL will slap their price sticker on the back of the polish, right over the label.

2 comments to got some cool stuff at Ross

  • Halifax

    Wow, that’s awesome prices. Last time I was in the US, checked out 2 Rosses for polish but didn’t see anything :(

    • Jeannie

      it’s really, really hit or miss. I haven’t seen anything I wanted to buy in a Ross in a few months, really. And there’s one Ross near me that just plain has never had anything I liked.

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