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July 2010
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Orly - Royal Navy

Ohhhhhhhh, I see what people mean about Royal Navy now. This is…just so pretty! It’s a blue jellyish base with teal glitter, and I could not love it more! I probably needed a 3rd coat but I was worried about drowning out the glitter, so I stayed with 2. I can deal with the VNL!

The glitter in this is just so gorgeous, it deserves a bottle shot.

4 comments to Orly – Royal Navy

  • Jaimi

    I have this color and it surprises me everytime I pull it out, it is so fun!! For some reason it always looks darker on my toes than my nails. Weird but anyways just to let y’all know the glitter never drowns out no matter how many coats u use the color get more vibrant and beautiful with every coat!!! Put a shiny top coat and it is love in a bottle :)

    • Jeannie

      that’s good to know about the glitter not getting lost in the base color! I was scared to add coats cause I didn’t want to lose it, the glitter in this polish is soooo gorgeous!

  • I WANT THIS SO EFFING BAD. There. I said it. That’s hot! And your photos are superb.

    • Jeannie

      ohhhh you NEED it! But I know you’re on a no buy so I won’t gush about it anymore here. :)

      Thanks, about the pic! This is one I’m actually happy with, I just WISH that I could keep them consistent!

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