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July 2010
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Sally Hansen - Laser

OK, first of all, I have some very upsetting news. I have broken up with Seche Vite. It just wasn’t working anymore. We had a wonderful relationship for almost two years, but the romance has fizzled out. I think that I didn’t even realize how bad it was getting until recently…when I cheated on my beloved Seche with Poshe. I tried today to make it work again with Seche, but I think we both know it’s over.

Seriously, I assumed all this time that it’s natural and unavoidable to get “tipwear” after a few hours, but this is damn TIP PULL, and this picture was taken about 8 hours after application. Unacceptable. Realllly unacceptable since I honestly love everything about Seche – I think it applies so much better than Poshe, I like the brush, bottle shape, and accessibility of Seche better, but I just can’t do it anymore. I’m annoyed though because I have about 6 bottles of Seche, a few that I’ve never even opened. :( I wonder why Seche seems to stop working after a while for a lot of people? Maybe I’ll take a break and then try to rekindle things with Seche.

Excuse the lobster fingers please, I’m playing around with my lighting setup. Progress: I moved one of my existing lamps (daylight bulb) to the front of the box for direct light and got rid of the small desk lamp I’d been using which was putting out yellow-y light, and this picture is WITHOUT FLASH! I am still not entirely happy but this is closer – I really want to stop using flash altogether, but I also want my skin-colored fingers back!

ANYWAY. This is Laser, and it’s kind of gorgeous. Very sheer though, this is two coats over black (one coat of OPI Black Onyx). I love how sparkly this polish is – it’s like my nails are encrusted with tiny diamonds! The purple flash is also AWESOME. It’s not really a duochrome, more like it’s exactly half blue and exactly half purple. Hard to describe.

2 comments to Sally Hansen – Laser

  • wow, looks great over black. I really want to try these out but have not been able to find them anywhere!

    • Jeannie

      I hadn’t either, till the other day. All I ever see are the old HDs, it seems like. But, Walgreens was having a BOGO50 sale on them, and I almost gave up cause I couldn’t find a display for the new ones…but then my super tall boyfriend noticed that there were other polishes lurking on the shelf BEHIND the old HDs! And they were the new HDs! I was happy :)

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