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July 2010
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random swatches

Well, as the post I had planned for today was, I think, eaten by wordpress, here’s a huge random post. I am clearing out my drafts folder all in one go!

Nina Ultra Pro – In A Tiff
This has invisible shimmer, and everybody knows it’s awesome and that it should already be in their stash…right? Not much more to say!

NYX – Hawaii, 4 coats

This was so watery! Altogether, it was streaky, sheer even after 4 coats, ended up frosty, and and also looked more like just a plain bad silver than the metallic light blue that the bottle color shows. The brush was awesome though, it has a flat brush stick thingy and wider bristles. It dried really quickly! I gave up on opacity after 4 coats.

NYX - Hawaii

Orly – Iron Butterfly

This polish is so tough looking! I feel like a badass while wearing it. It’s gorgeous with topcoat, also, though it doesn’t seem that I remembered to get a picture of that this time.

Orly - Iron Butterfly

China Glaze – Light As Air

Eh. This is just not me!

Revlon – Grape Icy

Again, eh. I’m just not a purple fan.

Ruby Kisses – Tangerine

Bright orange jelly! Lovely!

NK – Amarillo
This is sort of a lemony schoolbus yellow, though that makes no sense. It applied pretty well, for a yellow.

Sally Hansen – Grape Expectations

This is a really pretty color pink, but it looks kind of bad on me – it matches my skin too closely. Notice how I smudged my pinky but you can’t even really tell! And again, WHY is it called Grape Expectations??? It’s not purple in the least. I got this from the very nice Brooke.

Chameleon – Calypso

Very strong, interesting duochrome effect on this one.

Sally Hansen – Vanilla Bean, 3 coats

I expected this to entirely suck, but I actually quite like it! Pictured is 3 coats – with just 2, I think it’d make a nice french base color.

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