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August 2010
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A Few Maybelline Denims

With my blue obsession, you’d think I’d have all of these, huh? Well sadly, you’d be wrong – I have only ever found 2 of these at my Dollar Trees.

Boot Leg, one coat.

This polish reminds me of those terrible Jordache jeans from the 90’s. You know, they were more purple than blue? That’s the color of this one. It also looks exactly like the finish of the Maybelline Aluminum polishes, that sort of not quite a foil, not quite a glitter. Man, I couldn’t believe how well this applied, I got perfect coverage in one coat!

Zip Fly, 3 coats

Goooooorgeous! This is a deep blue base…with shimmer…and glitter!!! And it is amazing, and I love it. I bet it’s pretty close to the Maybelline Sapphire Matte polish, but I think the shimmer in this one kicks it up a notch. LOVE. THIS.

7 comments to A Few Maybelline Denims

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  • Yeah, yeah, I know this is an old post. Hopefully you get notifications anytime anyone comments anyway.

    Boot Leg is in my untrieds and you’ve convinced me to try it. lol

    Same as you, blues are my favorites but I wasn’t able to find all the denims. I got Stone Washed (blue steel, more silver than blue) and Five Pocket (medium indigo shimmer). I just took off another one that isn’t a denim but I put it in with them anyway, it’s New Years Blues. It looks just like your Zip Fly, except instead of silver glitter this one has dark aqua glitter.

    • Jeannie

      comments on old posts are perfectly fine!! :) I just wish I could figure out how to turn off the thing where it turns off comments on super old stuff, my themes taken control of that and turning it off’s not working.

      Yeah, I’m so jealous that people seemed to be finding the whole denim collection, but I found zilch! Oh New Year’s Blues is pretty, I have that one too! I think the denims are probably my favorite of the old Maybellines, they’re kind of awesome, aren’t they!

  • Jackie S.

    I have ZipFly, but I still need to find BootCut..gorgeous!

  • I love the old maybellines and have zip fly too 😀

    • Jeannie

      I love them too! It’s funny, collecting them is like an obsession for me. Show me a Maybelline for a dollar and I’ll most likely buy it. :(

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