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August 2010
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Funky Fingers - Southampton Collection

Well, here’s the Hampton collection from Funky Fingers! The collection looks really nice together (except for the oddball Mint Me In Montauk), and the colors are so cheery and summery to me! Only one of these 5 polishes seems right off the bat to be a Color Club dupe. Most of the brushes were crazy wonky, which isn’t something I’ve experienced ever before with Funky Fingers before, so, weird. They required trimming.

Dacquiri On The Deck, 4 coats

This is a nice light canteloupe color, and it’s gorgeous in the bottle, but I think doesn’t work so well on my skintone. It was also kinda horrible to apply, very streaky and thick. I had to thin it.

Mint Me In Montauk, 3 coats

This one doesn’t really fit in with the others, I think. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it’s a Color Club dupe for Rebel Debutante, and for another, it’s a neon. I know it doesn’t look like a neon in my picture, but neons are just impossible to photograph, so you’ll have to trust me. Anyway, standard neon green right here, applied just fine!

Southampton Seafoam, 3 coats
Yet another mint green, I just can’t get enough! Coverage was pretty good, so I was hoping I could get by with 2 coats, but I needed the third to even things out. I had to thin it, too, so it should apply better next time. I can’t think of any mint greens by Color Club, so I don’t think this is a dupe. I really like this one!

Cottage Stripes, 3 coats.

I love this one! It’s a medium periwinkle blue, and it’s such a lovely shade!

Violet’s Vineyard, 3 coats

Another really pretty one! Lighter than CC Pucci-Licious/FF Cheshire, so not a dupe for those! Gorgeous.

2 comments to Funky Fingers – Southampton Collection

  • These colors are so pretty! My favorites are the first 4. I didn’t like the color of the last one, but I’m not keen on purple nail colors except lilac. Where would I be able to buy Funky Fingers nail polish? Thanks!

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