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August 2010
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L.A. Colors Color Craze polishes

Yes!!!!! These were taking up SO MUCH ROOM in my untried section, and now I can move them OUT into my Melmers! I’m so proud of myself. I have ALMOST whittled it down to making all my untrieds fit on the display shelf my dad made me, EVEN with the addition of the Vintage Vixens I just bought (they take up almost a whole shelf on it)!

Now, I only have 17 of these, and I feel like there were like 22 of them. I just could never find the others, which really bugs me. All of these were 3 coats, except for Nuclear Energy, which took 4. All of the shimmers were sheer, and all of the cremes were jellyish, pretty much without exception.

OK, I’ve already worn a few of these: Atomic, Wired, Electrified, and Live.

Energy Source

Eh. This is a white, and that’s about all there is to say about it. Streaky.

Mega Watt

I’m pretty sure this polish is invisible. There’s a tiny bit of blue-ish shimmer.


I LIKE this one! I’ve actually worn it before. I wish I could find another bottle of it, cause my sister also loves it, and she puts it on every time she comes over so I plan to give mine to her. This is BRIGHT. It’s basically a neon, and it’s a pretty cantaloupe color.


Strangely, I like this one, despite the sheerness. It’s so cheerful and bright!


Ick. Very sheer, but a pretty shade of green.

Electric Charge

I like this one too, it’s like a bubblegum pink with a few drops of orange. A very very mild coral.


Oooooh, this one is lovely, really. More opaque than the other shimmers.

Magnetic Force

Oh oh oh!!! LOVE this one!!! Coral-y base with gold shimmer. VERY BRIGHT. Pretty much a neon.


Yeah, I’d forgotten that I’d already swatched this one. Still really nice though, I will wear this one again for sure. I love the jellyish finish.


Really pretty color, I guess I’d call this a mulberry.


Ick. This one was the only true jelly. I didn’t like the shade or the application, at ALL.

Hot Blooded

HOT red! I LOVE this one!!

Nuclear Energy

This one was more sheer than the rest of the cremes, and more streaky, so it took 4 coats. LOVELY color, though, so it was worth it. This is one of my favorites, but it’s still a little bit streaky.


Ick. Bright pink with blue flash. Yawn.

Bright Pink

OK, this isn’t a Color Craze, just a random L.A. Colors polish I had, but I’d already swatched it before I realized that! Anyway, it’s niiiiiiiiiice. Love this shade of pink!

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