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August 2010
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Color Club – a few from the Pardon My French collection

I must say that I hated these. I’ve been procrastinating on swatching them for forever because I played with them when I first got them, and haaaaate. The cremes are too sheer, and the glitters are so chunky and gloopy, it seems like something that should be marketed for 10 years olds or something.

Oh Naturale

3 coats. This wasn’t so bad, this pale shade of orange was kind of nice. So sheer though!

Turn The Other Chic

1 coat layered over Oh Naturale. This one has the chunky, babyish glitter, but ALSO it’s tinted really orange. See how much it changed the pretty soft orange base color to a bright loud orange?

I Believe In Amour

3 coats. And look how streaky and sheer!! This shade of pink doesn’t work with my skintone, so I wasn’t inclined to continue adding coats of polish to even it out.

Hot Couture

1 coat layered over I Believe In Amour. blah. There’s not really any color in this base, like there is in the one above.

4 comments to Color Club – a few from the Pardon My French collection

  • I believe these are supposed to be sheer. I think they’re meant to be used in French manicures. I am sorry you don’t like them. I didn’t buy any of these myself, but I love Color Club and none of their polishes has ever failed me.

    Thanks for the swatches :)

    • Jeannie

      I love Color Club too, that’s why i WANT to like these, but I just don’t get it. I tried using the blue ones for a french one time right after i got them, and it kinda looked..really bad.

  • Millie

    I have Si Vous Please, the clear glitter from this collection and I love it. The glitter is very fine but it’s quite sparkly and looks great over everything. It did need a lot of thinner added, but that’s been my experience with most glitters.

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