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September 2010
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China Glaze – Awakening collection

Ahh, the China Glaze Awakening set, for Halloween 2010. I’ve really been looking forward to this, and I bought it on Transdesign as soon as I found out it was available. I don’t know what kind of fairy dust China Glaze has been sprinkling on me, but all of their collections have had this effect on me lately.

Also, I rounded my nails, and I think I kind of hate it. What do you guys think? They were getting so severely squared and I wanted a change, but I really like the square shape better on me.

Zombie Zest, 3 coats.

Oh my. This is my favorite! My pictures don’t really do this one justice, it’s so incredibly sparkly in real life! And I love the color, a sort of bright swampy green. It looked opaque on my nails, but as you can see from my picture, I could’ve used a 4th coat, I think. This isn’t the chunky glitter of the other polishes in this set, it’s very fine glitter.

Mummy May I, 3 coats.

This is so original, especially for Halloween! A dark jelly base (could be black, I dunno?) with bright purple chunky glitter. The glitter is much more sparse than in the other polishes in this set.

Ick-A-Bod-Y, 3 coats.

OK, I just can’t like this one. Kind of like my reaction to Fortune Teller, I guess? I don’t know what it is about this type of glitter polish that makes me gag. Anyway, it’s orange chunky glitter in a green jelly base. However, after the required 3 coats, I find that the green base gets swallowed up in the glitter and I can’t really tell that it’s green anymore.

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